Five Things To Do With Your Wedding Gown After Your Big Day

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five things to do with your wedding gown after your wedding day

After your wedding day there is one gorgeous gown that is hung on a hanger, looking slightly sad, almost as if it knows it may very well never be worn again.

After so many hours spent on that gown, so much time spent on getting it just right and then of course some of the most magical of hours spent in it, it seems only right to take care of it and do something, anything with it!

I’ve found five things you can do with your wedding gown after your wedding day!

1. Clean & Store Your Gown


Photo from Syndals Bridal Drycleaners

Probably the most popular of options, dry cleaning and storing your gown can be a complicated and expensive process – so many beads, so any layers, so much to think about! But if you want to keep your gown in perfect shape for the years to come then this is the way to go.  There are so many bridal dry cleaners that have fantastic reputations like Syndals Bridal Drycleaners and Bridal Silver Service (to name just two!) but it’s always best to ask your bridal designer or store for their recommendations.

Most dry cleaners will offer an acid free box or bag for preservation of your gown (dependent on how much you want to look it!) and can also clean and box accessories like veils and hairpieces.

2. Donate Your Gown To A Worthy Cause

If you don’t want to keep your gown or sell it then why not give it to a charity? One I’ve discovered that I love is Angel Gowns. They take beautiful wedding gowns and with a team of sewers turn them into beautiful angel gowns for babies who have been severely ill, or stillborn and won’t carry on in this life.

The Tiara Project is a another charity which accepts donations. They loan formal wear to women attending their school formals, weddings and balls who may otherwise not be able to afford it.

3. Convert Your Gown

Love your gown so much but can’t actually see yourself wearing a floor length white number again? Why not convert it to a gown you can wear again! A talented seamstress can do so many things to a beautiful gown. From dying it, shortening it, deconstructing it and using fabric, embellishments and features on entirely new items of clothing.

A white bias cut wedding gown would look stunning dyed in black as an evening gown, a ballgown cut to tea length and dyed would be sweet for a garden party, and a beaded lace gown could make for a new amazing cocktail frock.

4. Sell Your Gown

savvy brides

Photo from Savvy Brides

There have been a plethora of consignment stores pop up over the past few years – from Sydney’s Savvy Brides who take only the most beautiful of gowns turning second hand dress buying into a boutique experience to online stores like Still White and I Do Gowns. Whether online or in person, consignment stores either display your gown in their store, giving you the profit from the gown sale minus a commission once sold, or let you list it online for a fee.

5. Turn Your Gown Into A Family Heirloom

Similar to converting your gown to wear again, if you really want your gown to be out and about and getting as much love as ever, consider re-purposing it for special family occasions. Beautiful bridal gowns can be turned into equally stunning christening gowns. You could pass it on to a family member who would love to wear it, keep it for a future generation, make it into a very special jewellery piece, and I’ve even read of brides turning their gowns into a special heirloom quilt.

What are you doing with your wedding gown after your wedding day?


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