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For the men of the bridal party who dread clothes shopping, even for a wedding, Ryan from Black Jacket Suiting has some great advice and ideas to help make it easier. From suit styles and a wide array of fabrics, to a mobile service, a stylist and much more, Black Jacket Suiting has you covered. Lucky Brisbane grooms and groomsmen – Black Jacket Suiting is right on your doorstep to help you look sartorially elegant on the wedding day. And why not look super smart – it’s your wedding after all!

What was the catalyst for starting your business?

Working in the menswear industry for many year I could see the stagnation of the independents in the industry being run by an older and outdated generation. There was clearly a need for a re-think and progression into the 21st on how this side of the industry was operated. I want to revolutionize the menswear industry and offer an unrivalled house hold name that combines personal service and expertise with affordable price tags.

What experience do you bring to the business? Have you always had a ‘passion for fashion’?

Managing and running a menswear store for many years and specialising specifically in weddings gave me an ability to learn a lot very quickly. The passion for fashion has always been there as I pride myself on looking my best at all times and to be able to help other do the same is extremely rewarding.

What do you most enjoy about running Black Jacket Suiting?

The personal interaction with all different manner of clientele that come into the store. I am a very people oriented person and am always down for a chat and to make my clients feel at home and a connection on a personal level as well.

Do you offer a wide range of ‘off the rack suits’ in store?

Yes, we now boast the widest range of off the rack suiting brands in Brisbane. With over 20 different suit suppliers we have access to an extremely diverse and plentiful range.

Can these be altered to suit different body types?

Yes, 90% of men can have their suits altered correctly to fit their shape. It is all about finding the right brand first and working forward from there. Tailoring is like cutting a piece of string, if you start larger you can cut to size. Always remember that with jackets the shoulders are the point to achieve the right fit and in the pant the upper thighs are crucial… everything else can be altered and we have a very skilled tailor who can take care of anything you need at very affordable prices.

What sizing range do you offer?

We offer a full range of sizes from children’s size 2 right up to larger gentleman’s size 156. Additionally, our tailor-made range can be made to fit any shape and size and is cut specifically to that.

Can you describe the process of having a bespoke wedding suit made by you?

We first start by talking about your needs and desires for your outfit, it is often best if clients can show me a picture along the lines of what they want. Next we start taking 35 points of measurement from the client/s to get their body shape exactly right, we note your posture, measurements and what type of fit and allowance you desire. We then send all this information away and 2-3 weeks later your suit arrives. We then do a final fitting in which any changes you are after our local tailor can fix up for you. We have a fit guarantee and the cheapest a quickest turn around for tailor-made suits in Brisbane so we will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with your outfit.

You offer a ‘mobile service’ for the bridal party. What does this mean, and is it popular with your clients?

Yes we do, this involves us traveling with swatch books to your home, office or anywhere you would like to come and measure you and/or your bridal party. We offer this as it can be hard to organise groomsman to be in one location all at the same time. Ideally the bride/groom would choose the outfit they desire first and we would come and fit up the bridal party during a dinner party they might throw. However, currently it has been most popular with our corporate clients who work in the city as we visit various firms with the same service. Personally I think this is due to the atmosphere and easy accessibility to the store frontage (Bulimba) as the bridal party seem to like to come in and have some refreshments while they get fitted up.

What suit fabric and colours do you recommend for summer weddings?

Summer weddings can be hard in Brisbane with the heat and if guys aren’t use to wearing suits a jacket can be very uncomfortable. I would suggest lighter softer pastel colors such as beige, blue and grey to complement the theme of the wedding as a whole and also thing about doing a vest and trouser combination as opposed to a suit which will keep the costs down and be more comfortable.

Do you offer a wedding suit hire service?

Yes, we just started offering this service. Our hire range consists of four cuts (two slim, one contemporary and one regular), which encompasses 15 suit fabrics to choose from, 8 of which have options for a three-piece outfit. With our business ideals, image and integrity in mind Black Jacket Suiting sets ourselves apart by only hiring current fashionable and trending stock that carries the appropriate fit, style and shape for the modern gentleman.

Can you describe the experience of visiting your store for wedding attire? 

The store is the perfect setting for any guy who wants to make shopping a classy and expedient occasion. Based on what I witnessed with store layout’s in Paris and London, it is a thin long two level store. We keep the lighting bright downstairs where all the stock is kept and upstairs more subdued where the change rooms are as well as a small bar and lounge area complemented with seating arrangements and decorative imagery where clients can relax, enjoy refreshments and make the hard decisions that much easier.

You offer a personal stylist for those visiting your store. What can the stylist advise on?

Our stylist/employees are trained to the highest degree to ensure that any occasion you may be going to we can advise on what is appropriate to wear. In the case there is something we are unsure on it is merely a quick research session away from being able to give advice to ensure you have the perfect head turning outfit. We have had many odd requests before and it would be quite rare these days to not be able to advise on any clothing matter you could throw at us.

Please describe dress codes for:

Black tie – traditionally a black classic shawl lapel tuxedo with a dinner shirt and bow tie. However, in more recent times this can just mean a suit, dress shirt and tie. It really depends on the event to what degree of strictness this entails.

Formal – at a minimum standard a suit with a shirt, however it is advisable to wear a tie.

Casual – depending on the time of day or night, chino’s or dress shorts (daywear) and a smart tee shirt or polo shirt.

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You offer online shopping where clients can buy everything from suits to shirts and ties and bags. Do you have any fashion/fit/style advice you can offer to your online client?

Online shopping can be very difficult, especially when it comes to suiting as every brand has different fits/cuts that do not suit every body shape. I would advise to only buy brands online which you know or have bought before. Keep in mind we are only a phone call away to advise on any matter. Other fashion accessories like shirts and ties are very easy to buy online, try starting slow with the process and build it up from there as you gain experience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Unfortunately I do not get much free time as I am still completing my Law degree at the University of Queensland, however I do enjoy going to the gym and socializing/networking with friends on the weekend at Brisbane classy hot spots.

Thank you Ryan for sharing your story. To find out more about Black Jacket Suiting visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of Black Jacket Suiting.

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