Paulina and Adam’s Cosy Garden Engagement Photos

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cosy garden engagement0001

Paulina & Adam

As a lover of cold weather I fell head over heels for the engagement photos of Paulina and Adam. So darn cosy with big fluffy scarves, tights and boots. The rain soaked surroundings, the bare branches of Winter and the surprise of bright blooming tulips! Paulina and Adam chose Christine Lim to capture their September engagement shoot.

cosy garden engagement0002
cosy garden engagement0004
cosy garden engagement0006
cosy garden engagement0009

On how they met, the happy couple recall, “It was a setup by Adam’s brother and Paulina’s cousin, that took a year to come to fruition!”

cosy garden engagement0011
cosy garden engagement0013
cosy garden engagement0015
cosy garden engagement0018
cosy garden engagement0020
cosy garden engagement0021
cosy garden engagement0023
cosy garden engagement0024

Paulina and Adam note, “Paulina is Polish. In Adam’s family out of the 4 brothers, 3 are with Polish woman, not on purpose! There must be something about Polish woman that the Italian men love!”

cosy garden engagement0025
cosy garden engagement0027
cosy garden engagement0028
cosy garden engagement0031
cosy garden engagement0033

What do they love about each other? They tell, “The yin and yang balance. Adam is of very calm and patient nature and Paulina is passionate and spontaneous.”

cosy garden engagement0035
cosy garden engagement0036
cosy garden engagement0037
cosy garden engagement0038
cosy garden engagement0039
cosy garden engagement0041
cosy garden engagement0042
cosy garden engagement0043

Adam proposed with the help of their four legged friend, the story going, “Adam proposed on our 2nd year anniversary at home, by putting the ring box in our puppy’s hands saying “Look what Arnie [puppy’s name] found?!” ”

cosy garden engagement0046
cosy garden engagement0047
cosy garden engagement0049
cosy garden engagement0051

cosy garden engagement0052


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