Erica and Craig’s Romantic Pine Forest Engagement Photos

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Erica & Craig

I have definitely been in love with using the vast expanse of forests as backdrops lately so when this engagement shoot came our way from Adam Ward Photography I knew we had to share it. Erica and Craig chose a romantic pine forest engagement shoot to commemorate their next stage of life together choosing the incredible forest backdrop and golden glow of the setting sun to set the scene.

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Erica and Craig tell their story “We met at work on a casual bump in the hallway. Even though it took several months before Craig eventually plucked the courage to ask me on a date, we both agree that it was love at first sight and that meeting in the hallway was only just the beginning to what has led to now.”

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On what she loves about her future husband, Erica tells, “Craig has this ability to make me laugh, no matter what the situation is. He is my rock! I can be my goofy self around him and share anything with him knowing I won’t be judged. He is the most loving and respectful man I know. But the one thing I love most is that he shares the same love for animals as I do (we have 5 cats and 2 dogs).”

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Erica notes, “We would describe ourselves as childish. Not one night goes by where we aren’t chasing each other around the house playing tag and on most occasions someone will end up with an injury. Usually I end up with a big egg size bump on my head from Craig headbutting me during a tickling war.”

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On what he loves about Erica, Craig tells, “I love how caring and loving Erica is. How we can have fun with just about anything. I love her sense of humour, she can always make me laugh. And I love how passionate she is about the things she loves.”

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Erica tells the proposal story. “We had been together for two years before Craig got down on one knee. I thought it was going to happen on the night of our two-year anniversary. I knew he had the ring because he took me shopping so I could choose it. However, the proposal didn’t happen on our anniversary as he decided to surprise me when I was least expecting .. little did I know it was a few weeks later.

On the day, I was finishing up from work and got a call from Craig asking me if I wanted to go out for dinner that night. We always went on weekly date nights, so I didn’t think anything of it. As I got home, he was waiting for me at the front door. He stopped me from entering and said I wasn’t allowed to step foot in the house until he said I could. After a few minutes, he said I can come inside BUT I had to close my eyes (I thought he had flowers as that’s just one of the little things he would normally do when he bought me flowers). He grabbed my hands and lead me down what seemed like the longest hallway at the time.

With each step I took, the house began to warm up. When we reached the end of the hallway, he told me to keep my eyes closed and at that very moment, Jason Derulo “Marry Me” started playing. I was allowed to open my eyes at this stage. When they opened, I noticed our entire living room and dining area had been shuffled to fit the hundreds of tea-light candles that lit the floor to spell “WILL YOU MARRY ME <3″ along with scattered flowers. Craig then grabbed my hands and got down on one knee. I couldn’t stop crying, it was just how I had always imagined it to be, but even better.”

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