Stephanie and Mark – A Surprise Sunday Proposal

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Stephanie Vrakas

Stephanie and Mark

My fiancé Mark proposed to me in the most beautiful, meaningful and surprising way last December. There is no short version of this story. Mark had lots of ideas for the way he would propose to me, but he knew that the most important thing in the entire world to me is family. He knew that if he were to include our families in this special moment of our lives, it would be the singularly most incredible day of my life. And so begun the months of lying and deception from Mark and our families!

Mark and I had organised to go out for a nice lunch in Sorrento. On the way, Mark had suggested we drop in at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and I was really looking forward to seeing them until I realised how early in the day it was. After a little bit of back-and-forth, Mark convinced me that it would be fine to drop in unannounced on a Sunday morning. I almost didn’t make it inside. Little did I know that this morning was going to change my life forever. While I was inside, kicking my heels off and making coffees, our families were hiding in the garage getting ready for a surprise that I could never have imagined.


After using an excuse to lure me outside, I opened the front door to make my way out to the garden. That’s when I realised that I was the only one that was not part of the wonderfully orchestrated plan that was our proposal.


Across the road, stood all of our immediate family, cousins, uncles and aunts. I knew what was happening before I had a chance to read the huge red letters that Mark had spent weeks making himself, spelling “Will You Marry Me?”


Before I knew it, I had burst into tears. This was happening, and it was so much rawer, special and “us” than I could have ever dreamed. He nailed it. And the ring… I was astounded. He had been designing it with jeweller Janai Jewellery  for months. It was the most perfect ring I had seen. He organised my cousin to capture the moment, and his brother to record the whole event for our families overseas.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Mark turned me around and pointed out my Aunt waving from the window. At that moment, I realised why Mark had chosen the spot he did to propose. My Aunt has suffered from Motor Neurone Disease for many years, and due to her illness is unable to leave home. Just before I opened the door to reveal the surprise, my Uncle had led her to the front window where she had a clear view of the proposal. She was just as much a part of the day as everyone else. Had it been anywhere else, she wouldn’t have been able to experience it with us.


Celebrations kicked off that morning, with everyone having organised food, champagne and Scotch (in true European style!) Mark had made a reservation for us at Vue de Monde, and while initially I didn’t want to leave our family, it was just wonderful to be able to take some time out by ourselves and reflect on this special moment.

Mark is far more caring and thoughtful that I could ever have dreamed of, but this day was the most special of my life.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a wonderful surprise – those amazing letters would have been hard to hide! I’m not sure how everyone kept it a secret for so long!

About Stephanie: I am a 25 year old office manager, working for a data analytics firm in Melbourne. I have a love of glamour, makeup, fashion, wine and food. I have organized some corporate events before but nothing could have prepared me for the whirlwind of planning that has been our engagement party – and upcoming wedding!

  • Ms Stripey says:
    July 9, 2015 at 11:21 am

    There’s nothing like the love of family and a big surprise – gorgeous story and pics – congratulations on your engagement.



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