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Recently I was invited to take a behind the scenes look at George Wu‘s ‘couture laboratory’ and see where the magic happens. With the countdown to Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in full swing, the lab was a hive of activity as the team prepared for the QC Club Bridal Group Show.

The very beginnings of new gowns were being laid out on the cutting table, partially completed dresses hung from white chains, and staff were heads down behind sewing machines piecing the creations together. There were nude bustiers and butt cages and all sorts of other wonderful things that enhance the fit of these signature couture gowns.

One wall of cupboards was adorned with an inspiration board and sketches George himself had made of dresses yet to be brought to life.

Although he established his design label in 2005, George is a relative newcomer to the bridal industry, making leaps and bounds in just a couple of short years. His success is due to a mixture of hard work, commitment to quality and creativity that has given the wedding world a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Despite his success, George remains humble and grounded. Even when asked for a photo, he picked up needle and thread and continued fixing lace into place – every stitch counting towards a completed collection.

All of George’s collections have been biblically inspired from the Garden of Eden to the Pagans. His newest collection is based on the Romans with inspiration in the form of towering columns, draping, and of course his signature lace sourced from Europe.

I spied a sheer long-sleeved cape with three different types of lace detailing. Gushing over its beauty, George offered it to me to try on. It was soft and fitted beautifully but alas I needed to put it back on the rack ready for its final touches.

This fluttery beauty (below) definitely caught my eye. George showed me a Pegasus that was to be added to the sheer panel near the neckline. I’m sure that this is going to be a favourite of mine when it makes its debut down the catwalk.

After visiting his ‘laboratory’, I now have a better understanding of the huge amount of effort designers like George Wu put into their breathtaking collections. They are constantly evolving, all the while the clock is ticking. I applaud George and our other gifted designers who are committed to bringing us haute couture and far exceeding our expectations.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a special behind the scenes visit; George’s ‘laboratory’ is indeed where magic happens!


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