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Magnolia Photography
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Magnolia Photography was named after the most amazing tree in my Grandma’s garden. The beautiful pink and white flowers provided the perfect canopy to play under. Along with my sisters, it was my favourite spot for secret dreams which nurtured our imaginations. I have now planted several magnolias in my own garden but it will be some time until they reach the magnificence of my Grandmother’s tree.

My Grandmother, my Nana and my Mum have all provided inspiration and helped define my style. My ‘Meeting Room’ where I chat with clients is filled with their memories and knick-knacks. The walnut chair with the olive coloured seat-pad belonged to my Grandma. We shared many meals around her matching circular dining table where I fondly remember sneaky bowls of home-made ice cream. The décor of this room, from the rug to the storage cupboards to the mirror and the subtle wallpaper, were all well chosen to match this chair! The delicate gold-rimmed tea-cups were my Nana’s and are part of a set with bowls and plates that are now only used for special occasions. The Depression glass and vase are also items that I cherish.

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I have also added my own memories which will hopefully be embraced by my daughter. I purchased extra fabric from my wedding dress and had it framed – a permanent visual reminder of such a special day. This is unlike my own Mum who keeps her wedding dress stored in an old suitcase swaddled in tissue paper and mothballs! Often, we would be allowed to have a look and my younger sister even considered wearing it for her own wedding. We also spent many hours looking at my parents’ wedding album. I think this planted the seed for my love of weddings.  I love to capture the happiness of each unique celebration and to provide memories that can be handed down to the next generation.


My parent’s wedding – where my love for weddings all began!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a beautiful inspiration –  romantic, cherished memories which are indeed unforgettable!

About Magnolia Photography: Hi there, my name is Anna from Magnolia Photography. I shot my first wedding while at uni and haven’t stopped. I love beautiful fabrics, magical colours, memories of my Morris Major, David Austin roses and magnolias (especially the pink and white tree at my Grandma’s house!)


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