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Jane (emerald + ella)

Um can I just say, how pretty are these??? These sweet marble vases (or you could do jugs, mugs and other vessels) are easy to make and don’t even require a trip to the hardware or craft store! Just grab some simple white vessels, cheapie nail polish and few other things from around the house and you are good to go!


Peach is one of my absolutely favourite colours and since I am too pale in complexion to wear it, I have to enjoy it through homewares!! But of course you can try any colour that tickles your fancy – gold, neon green, black – or even a mix of colours could be cool.


 You will need:

  • Wide disposable containers like these foil roasting trays.
  • Lukewarm water. Not hot though as this will set the nail polish.
  • Nail polish. Any cheap one will do!
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Gloss white vessels. I bought these sugar bowls from a $2 shop and the tea light holder from Ikea.
  • Paper to work on.

Step 1. In a well aerated room (it can get a bit fume-y!), fill your container with at least five centimetres of warm water. Drizzle the nail polish over the surface. Moving quickly, as the nail polish will start to dry and get a bit clumpy, swirl the polish through the water with a skewer.

Step 2. Dunk the vases in the polish, making sure all sides are coated. You can do a test run with an old jar if you are unsure how to do it.


If the polish dries too much or too quickly, you can remove it with a skewer, add a little more water to the dish and repeat with more nail polish. Each vase will have a different marbling effect but that’s all part of the charm.

Step 3. Dry the vases on paper, propped up on skewers so they don’t stick to the paper, for at least four hours or overnight.


These vases are not dishwasher-safe so be sure to wash and dry by hand.


Images and tutorial by emerald + ella


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love the marbling effect – and how easy! The colour options are endless; just imagine a group clustered together as a table centrepiece display – perfect!

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