Groomsmen’s Gifts For The Well Dressed Man

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happy summer wedding0054Image by Michael Gray of The Wanderers via Rebekah and James’ Happy Summer Wedding

An important part of any wedding is making sure the ones you love are up there with you on the big day as your groomsmen. Choosing who these particular few are can be easy for some, but difficult for others. Once you have decided who you would like to have standing next to you, the next hurdle is how you will ask them and what gift do you buy them?  Gift shopping for groomsmen can often prove to be tiresome. As you know, your friends and family each have their own personalities with different likes and dislikes – and it  and can often be hard to find a gift that says “thanks for being my groomsman.”

Gifts for a well-dressed man are fairly self-explanatory. Picture this – a collared shirt, or a suit and tie? Quality products that say ‘I’m ready for business.’  If this is your type of groomsman,  we have a few gift ideas that might help make your gift shopping easier.

To get your groomsmen ready for the special day, Aisle Always Love have created quirky pocket squares and colourful socks to help ask your best mates to stand up there with you.

groomsman gifts - Aisle Always Love

Images via Aisle Always Love

If you already have the asking out of the way and your groomsmen are still without gifts, Hammered Leatherworks have a few options to keep your stylish friends happy. This selection of gifts not only add practicality and class, but it can also be a fun DIY project for your groomsmen too. Hammered Leatherworks create ‘Just Stitch It Kits’ which means your groomsmen are tasked with the fun of creating their own gifts!

Groomsmen gift - hammered leatherworks

Images via Hammered Leatherworks

Last but not least, you may want your groomsmen to have a memento to actually wear on your special day. Tread and Pedals have created these super bicycle chain cufflinks – now what cyclist wouldn’t love these!

Groomsman gift - Tread and Pedals Bicycle Chain Cuffllinks Wedding Tread and Pedals

Image via Tread and Pedals

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love the leatherworks gift idea – what a great activity for a bucks’ celebration!



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