Danni & Damian’s Romantic Yarra Valley Engagement

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Danni & Damien

There is such a sense of beautiful love in Danni and Damien’s romantic Yarra Valley engagement shoot. Captured by Ashley K Weddings, the shoot might as well have been in a deserted forest for its stunning backdrop.

Damien tells the story of how they met. “We both met whilst doing something we both love, keeping fit and healthy. At the time I was helping a mate out with his fast growing health and fitness business and Dani was a client and training hard at his bootcamp sessions. My flirting technique was one that Dani refers to as “high school behavior”, as I would pick on her by insisting she did more burpees and ran faster, she was hardly impressed.”

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Damien remembers one of their funnier relationship stories. “When we first moved to London, Dani managed to find and land a job at a dental clinic in the exclusive area of London, Canary Wharf. A clinic with some of the best specialists and dentists London has. To welcome us to London, the practice owner and her husband… May I add Dani’s bosses, invited us back to their penthouse over looking the well know ‘River Thames’.

With cocktails and champagne on tap throughout the night, I thought it would be fitting to make the most of the invitation as well getting to know Dani’s bosses (that I was meeting for the first time). A few hours later I found my self embarrassing Dani when the cocktails got the better of me, I ended up bringing all the cocktails back up all over their polished marble floors and inside there brand new Audi car… Whoops!…

However despite making a fool of myself we are all now life long friends and contact each other very regularly even though we now live on other sides of the world.”

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On what they love about each other, Damien tells, “There are many, but one that springs to mind is how we have the ability to achieve anything we set our minds too as well as ground each other through good times and bad. Our wedding will mark just over three years together, in the 3 years we have traveled parts of Europe, lived and worked in London, purchased a home, started a business, become an uncle & aunty, planned a wedding + so much more.”

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Damien proposed in the dead of Winter, remembering, “I guess you could say it was all thanks to a -15 degree day in Berlin, Germany. We braved the freezing cold snow and went for a stroll, only to give in and take refuge in a local shopping centre. We stumbled across a Tiffany & Co shop where I started the process of working out the different types of diamonds, cuts, carats, clarity ect.

From there I decided I wanted to pop the question whilst we were living in London, so I made the journey with Dani to Hatten Garden to discretely find a ring she loved. Found the one, went back and purchased it & then arranged to get down on one knee during a lovely British High tea one Sunday afternoon.

Dani is completely obsessed with macaroons, so I arranged to use the venue’s private room and then took her up there and presented her with her favourite macaroons which read out “Will you Marry me?”. Dani always says it was the perfect proposal for her. ”

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