Courtney & Daniel’s Quirky Blue Mountains Engagement Photos

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Quirky Blue Mountains Engagement009

Courtney & Daniel

I love the quirky Blue Mountains engagement photos of Courtney and Daniel captured by Peter the Fox Photography. The couple wanted photos that showed off who they are together, they visited local markets, drank coffee and roamed around together. I think the relaxed feel of their photos proves they got just what they wanted!

Courtney and Daniel tell how they met. “At a birthday party, in an all you can eat restaurant! Sums us up really – we love food and each other! Haha. But seriously – we locked eyes, hearts skipped beats, and we actually lost our appetites! I think we knew it was love at first site for the both of us.”

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Courtney remembers one of their funnier relationship stories. “Our whole relationship is full of fun and laughter. Seriously, never a dull moment. We always debate over who is the funnier one. However, one story that comes to mind is when we were at our best friend’s birthday party, and soulja boy’ came over the speaker.

Daniel and I never give up the opportunity to dance and muck around together, so shoes came off and the moves started happening. We were dancing our butts off, until Daniel and I collided and I hit the floor. This causes Daniel to trip on my leg, and land on my foot with his knee. This was the night, Daniel became a ‘break dancer’. He broke my foot, completely destroyed – haha no one believed that it was actually broken, I couldn’t even walk.

Daniel picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and we left the party. The following day, my foot was the size of a balloon and purple! Off to the hospital we go. And I’m in a wheelchair for the next 3 weeks, crutches for the next 2 months and a moon boot for the remainder. 6 months it took to heal. He did a mighty fine job. It’s funny now when people say ‘congratulations on your engagement, surprised you guys stuck together after he broke your foot”. I guess true love never dies… although it can cause injury.”

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On what he loves about Courtney, Daniel tells, “The thing I love most about Courtney is that she’s caring, has a massive heart and is willing to help anyone at anytime, no matter what. I truly love everything about her! She’s truly inspirational, motivated and she won’t give up on something she believes in.”

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On what she loves about Daniel, Courtney tells, “What do I love about Daniel? Ahh there is just so much! I love that no matter how upset I am, or how much I’m annoyed (even if at him – LOL!) he still manages to make me laugh and forget about the world. I love that he is a hard worker. He is supportive and so caring! And of course totally spunky! And I love how even after 4 years he still takes my breath away and those little butterflies flutter around in my tummy. I love how much we love each other.”

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Courtney and Daniel became engaged in  Thailand, Courtney remembering, “It’s actually a reeeeaaally long story, but to sum it up: We were in Thailand, in our resort, when Daniel asked me if I wanted my surprise (which I thought was a turtle broach – I love turtles!) So I was told to go into the bathroom and take my phone with me so I wouldn’t get bored haha. But as I sat in there, I heard him say out loud… ‘OMG I’m so nervous!’. That’s when it hit, ‘I think he is going to propose!’.

All of a sudden, Jessie J’s song “Flashlight” began to play. I immediately started crying (still locked in the bathroom by the way). Daniel then said, ‘Babe, come out now. I’ll be on your left, but walk straight to the bed.” I opened the door and saw a walkway of candles and the words “MARRY ME” in rose petals on the bed (from the roses he bought me earlier that night haha).

Daniel says this is the part where I started flapping my arms and crying hysterically. He got on one knee and popped the question, while he cried hysterically too! Next thing we knew, we are engaged, jumping up and down on the spot, holding each other in our arms! I wasn’t even sure I said yes, until he reassured me I did in between squeals. It was such a magical moment. He did amazing and made me feel like a princess.”

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