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Sharon & Nick

When a wedding professional gets married, I’m always interested in how they’ll plan their day and when Sharon of Sharon Wee Creations  crafted her colourful urban wedding with husband Nick and wedding stylist Form Over Function it was filled with delicious delicacies – an amazing cake table, edible terrariums, amazing flowers. But it was also very relaxed, very nontraditional, and very much theirs. They worked with Linda Truong  to capture their day.

Sharon tells their story. “We met at university, where we happened to be staying in the same college. We had the same group of friends and got to know each other over time.”

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The couple were together all day, Sharon noting, “We had Linda Truong as our photographer. She had a relaxed and friendly attitude that really helped. Even with the rain her sunny personality made it all very fun and she still created some beautiful photos.”

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“The weather was a bit dreary and could have ruined our plans, but it was such a busy day that we just kept going and really enjoyed the photos, even outside.”

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Quay Restaurant hosted the wedding, the bride remembering, “We had the ceremony and lunch both at Quay. Originally the ceremony was to be on the balcony but rain brought us inside. It was actually quite cold and wet, so being indoors was probably a good move!”

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Nick and Sharon walked down the aisle together to “Lanterns” by Birds Of Tokyo.

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Robyn Pattison officiated the ceremony, the couple remarking, “We weren’t nearly as nervous as we both expected to be in front of everyone because we only had our closest friends and family there.”

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Guests received a very special favor Nick tells, “Sharon decorated our wedding cake while I baked the actual cakes. We also made a dessert table with a lot of detail and a takeaway bonbonniere in the form of an edible terrarium for each guest. We asked them to take it home because there’d be plenty of food, but some of our friends didn’t listen, ate them and … later they told us we were right! Sharon also did the artwork for the invitations and menu place cards, which we had printed professionally.”

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Wedding planner and stylist Form Over Function helped plan and style their day, and created the stunning floral arrangements! Sharon tells, “The flowers created by Form Over Function were amazing, and contributed to the lush feel that made the room feel cosy, but alive.” Nick adds, “Alicia did a fantastic job matching the colours and flowers to the artwork flowers Sharon created for the invitations.”

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The amazing cake reflected the couple’s love of travel. Sharon explains, “The design of the cake features the backdrops of the various places we’ve travelled to together over the last decade or so. It also has a special hidden guest in the form of a dinosaur, just for fun, because Nick has always liked them ever since he was young.”

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Sharon and Nick wanted a relaxed feel to their day, noting “We were both a bit nervous about having such a non-traditional wedding (no speeches, no dances) but at the end a couple of people told us how much they really enjoyed being part of such a light-hearted and less serious event. We also felt that we had the time to eat all the courses (very important at Quay!) and had time to talk in detail to every guest. Alicia suggested we bring in a cartoonist and our guests loved that – everyone got to take home a caricature as a gift too.”

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Congratulations Sharon and Nick! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Linda Truong and Form Over Function for sharing today’s wedding with us!

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  • Kristina Rutherford says:
    April 27, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    I love this wedding. It is utterly beautiful and modern. I love the flowers, I love the stationery and the edible terrarium favours. It’s all so totally scrumptious!

  • Avangardphoto says:
    April 30, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Cool and modern look. Thanks for sharing.



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