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Cassie of Calibre

As a groom, where do you start if you’re not sure about your style, or what would be appropriate for your wedding day? This is the one day where some advice and consultation will be the best thing you can do for yourself! Are you the sort of fella who loves conservative, or do you hanker after a pop of colour? If you’ve never owned a suit, now is the time, and a good quality and well fitting suit will stand you in good stead throughout the years ahead. Calibre has a wide range of fabulous suits, shirts, ties, shoes and accessories to make sure that you look your elegant best on your wedding day. After all, it’s your wedding day – make sure that you love what you wear too!

Where is Calibre situated?

From our humble beginning on Chapel Street in Melbourne in 1989, we now have over 25 stores across Australia, in David Jones and online.

How would you describe Calibre and the demographic you are targeting?

Calibre is Australia’s leading menswear brand, epitomizing sharp, sophisticated and fashion-forward style. The Calibre Man has his finger on the pulse – he is the man you go to when you need advice on the best new bar, car, and of course where to find the perfect tailored suit. He appreciates quality in all aspects of his life, from a glass of red to his Italian leather shoes. Calibre is his secret weapon.

Calibre 1

What do you offer in the way of clothing and accessories for the groom?

We have everything a groom needs to complete the ultimate wedding day look. From classic tuxedos and tailored suits, Italian made dress shoes and all the accessories a guy could ever need. We even have Calibre underwear – we are truly a one-stop shop.

For a black tie wedding is the dress code still strictly black and white – or are you seeing individual touches being added?

For a black tie wedding, we think sticking to traditional black and white is best (especially if you want to avoid awkward encounters with the bride!). Opt for a black tuxedo, but add a touch of your personality with a black and white flower lapel pin or silk pocket square. In saying this – if it is your big day, we think a deep navy tuxedo is just as fitting, and helps you stand out a little in a sea of black and white.

Calibre 4

For a casual wedding are you starting to see a more colourful approach with patterned shirts or coloured jackets for 2016/17?

Sand and navy are tried and tested favourites, but don’t be surprised to see pops of brighter colours appear as the weather gets warmer.

Coming into winter, what is an elegant suit/shirt combination a groom could consider? 

A deep navy suit will do the trick! Pair it with tan brogues, a crisp shirt and a patterned pocket square for a modern but elegant look, or mix it up with our Steel Blue stretch suit, check shirt and plain tie.

Calibre 5

Would you please give us some fashion tips on:

Skinny ties – who can wear them and when are they appropriate?

Anyone can pull off a great skinny tie! The key is to make sure you work out what shirt you are wearing first. If your shirt collar is a wide spread collar opt for a regular tie, for a point collar go for a skinny tie.

Pocket squares – should they match the tie or bowtie?

A pocket square should accentuate your look, not clash or match it. A simple tip is to find the main colour in your tie or shirt and match it back to the pocket square. Play with patterns – but make sure you keep in mind their scale. For example if your tie has a micro pattern to it, make sure your pocket square has a larger pattern like a paisley. Steer clear of matching patterns.

Bowties – is there a time and place for these?

Nothing finishes off a beautiful black tie look more than an Italian Silk Bow Tie.

Socks or no socks – when do we not wear socks with a shoe?

We see a lot of guys wearing their old, faded socks under their suit pants. Buy a pair of quality black and navy socks and a pair of patterned socks if you want to make a little more of a statement. The rule of thumb is always wear a pair of socks with a wool suit. You do not need socks during those warmer months when you pair a cotton suit and loafers.

Trousers – pleats or no pleats?

A pleated trouser is much like acid wash jeans – celebrate them for what they were, but keep them in the past. But you never know what might come back around!

Calibre 3

What colour shoes should be worn with:

  • a mid grey suit – tan, burgundy or black
  • a black dinner suit – plain black or patent dress shoes
  • a camel suit – burgundy or black.

At Calibre how do ensure a perfect fit for the groom and his wedding party?

We love when grooms choose Calibre to be a part of their big day, and we really aim to go above and beyond when it comes to making sure they look their absolute best. Our store staff have been trained to fit the groomsmen in their looks, making sure everyone looks their sharpest.

How can the groom and groomsmen personalize their wedding outfit?

Accessorize! From flower lapel pins and pocket squares to leather shoes and patterned socks, these little finishing touches really add a personal touch to the looks.

How do you and the team celebrate the end of the working week?

After a long week’s work, we love to regroup for lunch or a few drinks after clock-off time!


Calibre 2

Thank you Cassie for sharing the Calibre story. There’s nothing like a touch of style and elegance for the groom in a Calibre outfit. To find out more about Calibre visit the website.

All images courtesy of Calibre.



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