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Katherine of Sweet Milton

Thankfully, gone are the days where wedding cakes were towering edifices of lacework and over the top decoration obscuring the fruit cake inside. There is something beautiful in a sweet cake adorned with fresh flowers without all the fancy sugar decorations. Today the emphasis is more on the cake – the quality and the flavour combinations – and this is where Katherine of Sweet Milton specialises – stunning flavourful cakes perfected over many a trial and error, decorated simply with fresh flowers, allowing the cake itself to shine. You’ll love the cake as your wedding dessert or a sweet treat with coffee – either way it will be a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

Your journey to opening Sweet Milton is an interesting one. Would you share it with us?

As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed baking. Early in high school I remember baking cakes for my parent’s friends for extra pocket money. When I finished school, my Dad did encourage me to go culinary school, but I thought I knew better and went to Uni to study Arts and then Marketing. I was working in corporate Marketing in NY, and realized I should just pursue what I really love. At that stage I hadn’t had any children and it was the best time for me to go pursue this passion at the French Culinary Institute in NY.

Sweet Milton 2

Image by Lucas Allen

What is your business mission?

To be honest it’s just to make really yummy cakes. Wedding cakes are usually the last thing people eat at a wedding, and in most cases everyone is already full and have had a lot to drink, so it’s a bit of a tough crowd. I hope when they do have a small piece of Sweet Milton cake at the end of the night they say “hey this is really good cake.”

What is your specialty?

I tend to just focus on buttercream cakes, using fresh flowers or berries. Also having different cake bases and fillings allows for near endless combinations.

What is the joy for you in creating the perfect cake?

I like that each cake is different, and tailored to each couple’s tastes. Also it’s always so rewarding when you step back and finally see the cake all come together at the venue.

Sweet Milton 4

Image by Lucas Allen

Your cake flavours sound delicious! Please describe some popular combinations of cakes and fillings to us?

Lemon curd and passionfruit curd are quite popular with either the milk sponge or butter cake. Vanilla bean or raspberry buttercream are also a hit.

Do you work on adding new cake and filling flavours seasonally, or regularly to keep your cake offerings up to date and different?

I spend a lot of time prior to launching choosing and testing out cake bases and fillings. I don’t tend to add new cakes often, but if there is demand for a certain flavor I will add it to the list.

Sweet Milton 3A

Image by Lucas Allen

How long do you have to work on new cakes and fillings before you feel they are perfect for presentation? What does that involve?

It usually take around 5-6 rounds. Although I feel like I am still continuously tweaking my current recipes to make them just right.

You have a gluten free option. Please describe this and how it is best used as a cake?

I currently have a gluten free cake base, which is a hazelnut dacquoise (meringue) which pairs beautifully with coffee buttercream. I am tinkering on new recipes, but it’s always difficult to try and find a gluten free cake that can withstand several heavy tiers.

Are bridal couples tending to personalize their cake with fresh flowers that match their bouquets, rather than opt for flowers of the sugar variety?

I find that half my clients would like their cake decorations to match their bouquet and table settings. If that’s the case I ask that their florist to set-aside some flowers for me to decorate during set up.

Who supplies and arranges the flowers on the cake? 

I usually supply and arrange the flowers/decorations. In some cases if they are supplying their own flowers and there are timing conflicts, the florist will decorate the cake after I set up.

Sweet Milton 1

Image by Lucas Allen

If a couple wanted a dessert table along with the wedding cake, are you able to provide the sweet treats for this?

Yes I do cater for small treats – petit fours to have with tea and coffee. Although the bulk of my orders are wedding cakes.

How do you keep up with the latest trends in all things cake?

I like to scour different magazines and spend hours on Pinterest!

What are some new ideas on the horizon in the world of cakes?

I feel cakes are getting simpler with more focus on the cake itself rather than all the decorations.

Transporting the cake to the venue must be one of your most nerve-wracking journeys. Any funny stories to share?

Fortunately I haven’t had any big mishaps, but it is on my mind every time I deliver a cake. I am the safest and slowest driver when I am hauling cake! I always bring spare buttercream and all my utensils for when I accidently bump the cake during set up. I did have to deliver a naked cake to Werribee on a 43 degree day. Let’s just say lots of eskies were used, and several stops on the way checking the cake didn’t melt!

Sweet Milton 5

Image by Lucas Allen

Away from your daily profession, do you like to cook and experiment with dishes? 

I’d love to say I do (and I used to!), but since having kids, my dinners revolve around what will be eaten. That being said this year I am going to make an effort to expand our culinary adventures!

What do you like to do when relaxing on your days off?

I love yoga and also enjoy riding my bike around the bay. I’ve just started to get into meditation, but I can’t get my mind off cake ideas or current home renovations-it’s a work in progress!

What or who inspires you?

I don’t have a specific person that inspires me, but I do find inspiration in nature when it comes to cake ideas and decorations.

Thank you Katherine for sharing your story. Don’t these cakes look scrumptious – it makes me hungry just looking at them! To find out more about Sweet Milton visit the website.

Images by Lucas Allen



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