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Kelly Adams Photography

Kelly is a story teller with photographs instead of words and you can see a story in every image she takes. Kelly Adams Photography is her photography business and she captures the special moments of your wedding day in light filled images – images that will take your breath away in the years to come. To be able to look at your album with your children in 15 years time – to be able to remember the emotion of the day and all those big and little moments and details through those images, is truly special.

Why choose photography as a profession?

Oh gee… Ummm… Tough question!

To me, choosing photography as a profession is seriously something very different to choosing photography as a hobby or just because you love it. There is no quick buck & there certainly is no easy road… So I guess don’t choose it if you think that’s what it’s going to be.

Emmm I’d say choose photography as a profession if you are dedicated to the art & craft of photography but just as important is that you have tenacity for “the business” too. Choose photography as a profession if you want to build genuine relationships, you are willing to work hard & stay humble.

Well that’s what I’m trying to do / be…


What is it about weddings that you enjoy photographing them?

There’s so much I love about weddings… Firstly though, I’d have to say the connection & the genuine friendships I develop with my couples. Working with my couples, planning & watching their wedding story develop, then seeing it come together & then unfold. The emotions; the happy tears, the open hearts, the letting go, the sinking in & the soaking up of the day. One thing that I always love & that I always come away with is just how amazing, loving & giving people are. How friends & family show that to the couple but also how those people so openly & honestly welcome me in to share that experience too… Which of course makes capturing the story so much better, easier & deeper…

What are your secrets to getting relaxed bridal shots?

Having a real connection, being relaxed & having a great plan in place for the day.

How would you describe your style?

My style & approach is a mix of authentic documentation & gentle direction… It’s natural, relaxed, playful & light filled.


You are also an elegant story teller with words. Does your talent for story telling help you with your photography work?

Oh really? Haha oh wow, thank you!

You know, I actually see being a wedding photographer as being a story teller, we just use photographs instead of words. I think that’s why it’s super important for couples to do their research & pick a photographer based on a connection with the photographer’s work & personality… someone that they feel will be able to ‘write’ their story to reflect who they are.

Do you have a preferred time of the day to photograph a wedding?

Beautiful light is the key to beautiful light filled & colourful photos, so my favourite time to photograph the portraits is during the golden hour (an hour or so before sunset).

Because wedding photography is all about moments, how do you ensure the shots you take are beautiful and tell a story?

While the big events of the day are happening, it’s all about listening & watching for those moments & making quick decisions about what’s important & how best to capture that at that particular moment in time, being in close to get the details or taking a wider view to get the bigger picture. As for the bridal portraits it’s all about taking the couples to a (head) space where they feel relaxed & where all the feels are real. Just like any story, a wedding story needs the details, the bigger picture & a seamless flow.

Is capturing the small details of the day important?

Absolutely… And I guess that can be interpreted a number of ways. To me details are not just limited to the ‘things’… so while it is important to capture those, ‘details’ are also in the way the dress falls, in a kiss, in a look & in a touch. Those kind of details are just as important.


How do you ensure the style of the couple shines through?

Talking about what’s important to them before the big day & what they want to see in their photos when they look back on them… Then it’s all about listening to their story as it unfolds.

What do you hope your couples feel when looking at their photographs?

Oh gee… I guess I just really really, want them to feel everything they felt that day, to relive it all. For their photos to take them back in time, to be able to hear the words spoken, to feel the excitement & nerves. I want the photos to transport them back to that day.

What do you do when first meeting a potential client?

I always get a bit nervous to be honest, but I’m a people loving introvert so we usually talk a lot, but not about the weather, because you know introverts they like talk to be meaningful… So we usually talk about how they would like to see their day, & what the photography means to them… And of course what the photography means to me.


Do you and the couple need to ‘connect’ if you are to take great photos?

Gosh yes! Absolutely! That’s why it’s super important to meet or at least have a Skype meeting (for OS or interstate couples). It’s a huge day & a photographer is right by the bride & groom’s side through the whole day. It’s a time where a couple will feel the happiest & possibly at times the most vulnerable they’ve ever felt, it’s a time when things will either go to plan perfectly or will be imperfectly perfect. It’s a day a couple will want to enjoy & remember fondly & having people around (including the photographer & all the other vendors too!) who you connect with, will ultimately allow a space for that.

How do you capture the nuances of the day, without becoming formulaic in your shots?

Listening, waiting & watching for them. Each story is so different.

What else do you like to do with your photography talents?

I love Lifestyle Photography of Couples In Love, new love or older love & Newborns & Families. I seriously love just photographing relationships as they move through time & stages of life & love.


What do you love about the place you live in?

I live in Brisbane, so that’s pretty easy… the sunshine & warmth!

A great spot in QLD for a short break is….

We are pretty spoilt for choice here in QLD… My little family & I love the beach & camping, once a year we take a break & travel up to Elliot Heads to spend some time by the beach… It feels like a million miles away from city life and the sand is as soft as powder & the water is crystal clear. It’s complete bliss.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your story. Beautiful light filled photographs filled with happiness and special moments – that’s special! To find out more about Kelly Adams Photography visit the website.

All images by Kelly Adams Photography. Headshot by Samantha Rowe Photography.


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