Things To Consider When Choosing Your Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo Technician

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Well-groomed eyebrows create a more balanced and symmetrical look bringing all your facial features into harmony. A well-groomed brow is like a makeover and gives your face a polished, sophisticated look, particularly for wedding day glamour!

If your eyebrows have “shrunk”, if you have over-plucked them, have gaps or want an updated shape – then Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo is the answer.

Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo is a new semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that gives you the stylish natural look you are after that lasts up to two years. The “Feather Touch, hair by hair technique looks totally natural and is far removed from the heavy hard lines of the past.

Before you book in for an appointment though, you need to make sure you choose your technician carefully and consider some very important points:

1.Ensure that the needles are only used once. Tattoo equipment can result in the transmission of infections or diseases, so choose a technician that disposes of the needle at the completion of each treatment.

2. Ensure the pigments are safe and produced by a reputable company. Less expensive pigments are unsafe and can cause a very severe infection, skin irritation or severe allergic reaction. Make sure your technician uses the best and safest pigments on the market that are approved and safety tested.

3. Ensure that pigment – and not ink – is being used. Ink is alright to use for a body tattoo, but it is unacceptable for a facial tattoo use due the possibility of migration of ink under the skin; the ink colours also won’t look very natural on your face!                                     

4. Ensure that a wide choice of colours is available. Your permanent makeup technician should have a wide variety of natural colours on hand. The right technician should spend at least 30 minutes  with you mixing and choosing the right colour and shape for your brows.


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Here are some other points which are really important to look out for before deciding on a technician:

  • Treatment performed at a nail shop or hair salon out in the open with dust and hair flying around is not safe!
  • Your medical history information should be collected; consent forms need to be signed and home care instructions should be given out.
  • A good technician should never offer to come to your or someone else’s home; non-salon settings are not ideal!
  • An overbooked technician who is unable to take their time to listen to  the customer and who doesn’t spend time choosing/mixing  the right colour and shape should be avoided! You should always be completely satisfied with your choice without being rushed to start your tattoo procedure.
  • Technicians that use a stencil to make “one size fits all” eyebrows without considering their client’s facial shape and structure should be avoided!
  • Technicians should always open sterilized needles in front of you for peace of mind.
  • Technicians should always wash their hands before they put their gloves on.
  • Gloves should always be changed after the technician has had to leave the room or touch something other than their client or equipment used during the procedure.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: With cosmetic tattooing becoming increasingly popular, your tips and words of advice are so great to know before making that first appointment!

About HiBrow EyeBrows: Hi, I’m Jane from HiBrow EyeBrows and in both my personal and professional lives, I like to surround myself with beauty and symmetry. I developed an “obsession” with eyebrows many years ago which led me to embark on learning the art of brow tattooing with leading brow artists. I left my corporate life behind and am now in demand as an expert brow tattoo in New South Wales.



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