What To Take On A Winter Honeymoon

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Winter Honeymoon

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Looking for Romantic Honeymoon Places To Chase The Cold? Surfaces thick with white snow, warm crackling fires in their oversized fireplaces, and winter fun in a cold climate sound absolutely swoon-worthy – but not packing correctly and getting the flu half way through your honeymoon does not! I’ve listed the essentials to take with you on your honeymoon so you can really take advantage of the cold without any unfortunate surprises! Be prepared to make room in your suitcase – you’re going to need it!


Make sure to pick up the perfect luggage for the job! It’s going to need to be big and versatile to keep all of your stuff together. It’s also a bonus if the suitcase is stylish! Check out Zara or Bally for some great options!


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Jackets and Coats

Being out in the cold on your honeymoon has a different meaning to everyone. For those of us who prefer the overcast grey of the sky over the blinding heat of the sun, it’s a wonderland. Not only do we get to bask in the joys of winter, but we also get to dress for comfort and style with gorgeous jackets and coats. For the men, Calibre and Mr Porter have coats and jackets that will keep you warm and stylish during your winter adventures. For our female honeymooners, have a look at some of the beautiful Alannah Hill styles! Their winter range is incredible!

Winter Honeymoon

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Gloves, Beanies, and Scarves

These accessories can give that little bit of extra warmth during the colder getaways, and they will also look pretty great paired with the rest of your winter outfit; you’ll find this to most important fo your romantic dinners under the Northern Lights! Ladies, for an abundance of cute and warm accessories, check out Jigsaw and stay a little longer at Alannah Hill! Men, we can’t recommend Oscar Hunt any higher! They are an amazing choice for the best of men’s winter accessories.

Winter Honeymoon

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Given that your feet are at the frontline of the cold, it’s important to pack the right shoes. Boots that are waterproof and comfortable are going to be a big help on your winter honeymoon. R.M. Williams has great options for both men and women’s boots that are perfect for the winter weather!

Winter Honeymoon

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Layers are going to be so important when you start out. Rug up in as much as possible, especially if your winter honeymoon includes snow! Wear leggings and long-sleeved tops in abundance!

Snow and Ski Gear

This is especially important if you’re heading up the Swiss Alps to ski with your significant other. If snow covered surfaces are your expertise, then you may already have gear to take with you. If not, consider picking some up on your next pre-honeymoon shopping trip. Otherwise, there are always rental places that will have snow gear in abundance! Depending where you’re going, you will need to scope out what is best to rent at your winter honeymoon destination and decide how much space to leave in your suitcase.

Winter Snowgear

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Just because it’s not the beach does not mean you can ditch the sunscreen on this holiday. This is a must for when the sun sneaks in through the clouds at midday. Winter honeymoon or not, there’s no escaping the sun. Pack it in with your moisturiser so you don’t miss it!

A Good Book

The only thing that sounds better than a full day of adventures in the snow is coming back to a toasty warm fire and curling up with a good book. It’s also a great pastime for the long hauls of travel time ahead of you. Pack your favourite classic or pick up a new one on the trip!

Winter Honeymoon

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If you pack these essentials you’re sure to enjoy your winter honeymoon just that little bit more! For more top tips on planning and how to pack for your romantic holiday of a lifetime, the best travel also check out our Honeymoon Essentials post!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: I’m loving the idea of a winter honeymoon if  I can take all these gorgeous things with me… now, I do need some new boots!


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