Different Types Of Buttonholes And How To Wear Them

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Let’s start at the beginning  – with a definition of a buttonhole for those who don’t know what it is. A buttonhole, otherwise known as its French counterpart, “boutonnière,” is a floral decoration worn by men at formal occasions, including weddings.

A buttonhole has traditionally been a single flower or bud, the type of flower being a carnation. But, over the years people have experimented with the buttonhole concept to come up with really nice alternatives. Flowers of different kinds (love the wildflowers!) and flowers formed out of various medias! Buttons and paper look so fun and chic too!


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On wearing a buttonhole – the rule is to wear it on the left lapel. If there’s a buttonhole on the lapel, which is typically the case with traditional coats and jackets, the stem is to be pushed right through until it’s secure with the loop beneath the buttonhole. Ideally, the buttonhole should fit three quarters of the flower, so the flower head isn’t free to move around! If the lapel is sewn up, commonly seen on more modern coat and jacket designs, the buttonhole is to be pinned onto the fabric. Ensure the flower head is also pointed up towards the left shoulder!


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Image by Alanna Garner at Earthbound Images via Rustic Winter Orchard Wedding Inspiration

The groom and groomsmen don’t have to sport the exact same buttonhole; sometimes it’s more fun to mix and match. However, it would be cute if the groom’s buttonhole and bride’s corsage were twins!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: I’m loving the new looks in buttonholes – the rustic ones are so chic!


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