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Beauty of Ibiza

Image via Can Pere Country Hotel

Ibiza, Spain’s stunningly beautiful island, is known mostly for the all-night-party atmosphere that transforms the island after sunset. Although the island is famous for its parties, its incredibly peaceful and gorgeous sites are a surprising, and heavenly way to lavish in the sun and have some fun on your honeymoon. During the day explore the pine-forested island, walk along the beach, and spend a relaxing afternoon in any number of Ibiza’s mellow cafes. By night, either join the night owls that stretch their wings to the beat of the music, or spend a lovely evening dining by candlelight and watch the island light up with its after dark vibe!


Image via Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

5 Places to Stay

Across the island is a range of incredibly beautiful and incredibly luxurious hotels to spend your time in when you’re not out exploring the lovely countryside. Ibiza’s hotels are plentiful; from the country to the water’s edge, all are fabulous options.

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

This gorgeously luxurious hotel has the most spectacular views of Ibiza – you’ll feel as if you’re part of the beauty. Enjoy lounging by the pool or relax in a private spa, and then step out onto a balcony that overlooks the coast. The hotel is an absolute favourite destination for newlyweds, and perfect for a honeymoon.

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Image via Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Torre del Mar Hotel

If you’re seeking comfort and leisure in the midst of luxury, the Torre del Mar Hotel is the perfect choice. The hotel offers panoramic views of the picture-perfect island, and its facilities, including the heated pool, tennis courts, gym, and spa make it incredibly hard to leave.

Torre del Mar Hotel

Image via Torre del Mar Hotel

Can Pere Country Hotel

This incredibly charming hotel offers its guests a relaxing atmosphere to spend their time in, overlooking the valleys, forests, and overall beauty of the island. The hotel is conveniently close to the beaches and the cities, and close enough to transport services to whisk you to the best places around Ibiza.

Can Pere Country Hotel

Image via Can Pere Country Hotel

Can Maries Country Hotel

In this adorably rural hotel, you and your new significant other can enjoy being on the outskirts of Ibiza in one of the most peaceful and quiet hotel destinations. Order a bottle of wine and request some glasses and then sit out on the deck underneath the shade of an umbrella, overlooking the fields of Ibiza.

Can Maries Country Hotel

Image via Can Maries Country Hotel

Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa Hotel

This luxury five star hotel is a welcome escape, and the perfect place to spend time after a day of adventures. Enjoy panoramic views all the way around, and dine in the elegant, Mediterranean inspired restaurant. Discover the spa and relaxation areas, and then retreat to your decadent suite.

Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle and Spa Hotel

Image via Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa Hotel

5 Places to Visit

It was incredibly hard narrowing down only five places across Ibiza to visit. The places listed here are highly recommended but be sure to go on your own explorations as well to get the best out of your honeymoon on the Spanish island.


The island of Ibiza allows you and your newlywed partner to relax underneath the sun, sipping on cocktails and admiring the turquoise-blue of the water that laps gently against the white sand of the beach. It’s an incredibly peaceful way to spend your honeymoon with the constant warmth of the sun. It’s also just as stunning after nightfall when candlelight and torches wash the beach in a warm glow. Search the island for the best beaches such as the Cala Dodolar and the Cala Salada beaches amongst many, many others.

Image via Spain Info

Ses Salines National Park

Ibiza has two major National Parks, and Ses Salines is just as beautiful as its counterpart – however, with its beautiful natural features, it’s the preferred place to be. The nature reserve is a protected area made up of small islands, a marine environment, beaches and extraordinary views. Take a day to explore!

Sant Antoni de Portmany

The beautiful town of Sant Antoni de Portmany, framed by crystal-clear waters, is basked in history and beauty. The lovely little village is a popular location for tourists, but it’s quite easy to lose yourself in the peacefulness of the island during a stroll through the pinewoods or on a boat out in the water.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Image via Spain Info


The beautifully spiritual core of Ibiza is almost completely hidden due to the out-of-the-way track, so don’t be surprised to find you have it all to yourself. If you do, then perfect! Pack something to swim in and spend the day in the water, and then dry off on the rock formation underneath the sun.

Eivissa Dalt Vila

The cobblestoned streets of Ibiza’s ‘Old Town’ wind around dramatic drawbridges, Roman statuettes and ancient cobblestoned yards. Take your time exploring the ancient city and all it has to offer, like the Gothic buildings that line the street. Everywhere you turn there’s something to admire – and it’s very romantic!

Ibiza Old Town

Image via Ibiza Spotlight

5 Things to Do

There are so many things to do in Ibiza to really experience the magic of the island. Start by venturing out into the water and explore below the surface, and then seek out the more relaxing and extravagant places to dine in.

Charter a Boat

As pretty as the island is from the beach, it’s nothing like it is from the water. Charter a boat (services like Boats Ibiza and Spotlight Boat Charters are the best way to go) and take to the water to truly witness the beauty of Ibiza. Look back on the white sand of the beaches, the greenery of the island, and the peaceful colours of the villages and feel yourself getting lost in the magic of the island. Out here, consider a diving service, like Punta Dive, and witness the beauty (and the magnificent array of colours) below the surface.

Charter a Boat

Image via Boats Ibiza

Water Activities

Snorkelling, diving, water-skiing, canoeing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite-boarding, kite-surfing, knee boarding – you name it, Ibiza has it. Almost all of the most beautiful inhabited islands are overflowing with water activities for their guests, but as a favourite destination for water activities, you can’t go past Ibiza. Not only is the water picture-perfect, it is also home to an abundance  of native marine life, and when you take a dive to discover it, a whole new world of colour comes to life around you. If you prefer the adrenaline rush of activities on the surface, consider any number of Ibiza’s water activities. Services, such as Take Off Ibiza and Ibiza Watersports, offer lessons and rent out equipment at your leisure.


It’s worth your time if you can tear yourself from the beach or the poolside to go exploring. Ibiza has so much to explore, starting with the places to visit mentioned above. Go at your own pace and feel free to take the hidden paths – the beauty of Ibiza will surprise you at every turn! Stop when you can for a bite to eat at one of their lovely cafes, or pack a picnic and wine and dine with your beloved on a spot overlooking the island. If you prefer, book a tour with Tours By Locals.


Image via Tours By Locals


The markets of Ibiza are an absolute pleasure. The leisurely searching for the perfect knick-knacks to take home with you is only part of the fun – the rest of it is in the culture of Ibiza. Everywhere there’s something to experience, from the clothing and the food stores, to the handmade souvenirs which stall owners have fashioned in their time. Find history here and bring some of it back with you.


It’s easy to be swept up in the beat of the music of Ibiza. If you’d prefer to spend it partying with your significant other, the nightlife is electric! But Ibiza is also a place to enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars. There are plenty of peaceful, off-the-beaten-track restaurants, cafes, and diners where you can enjoy a glass of wine and the glow of candlelight. We would recommend spending a night at both the Sa Punta Ibiza and the Las Dos Luna.

Sa Punta Ibiza

Image via Sa Punta Ibiza

The absolutely splendid Spanish island is home to a magnificent array of colours – from the turquoise-crystal-blue of the water and the shades of greens of the pine to the various shades of the houses and villages. The hotels are all spectacular, and each offer exquisite restaurants. When you can tear yourself away from the beach or the poolside, Ibiza offers so many things to do, from water activities to exploring the history of the island. Ibiza is incredibly romantic – and a beautiful choice for your honeymoon.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: With its stunning beaches, five star hotels, dreamy sunsets and hip nightlife, Ibiza is the place for a luxuriously fun honeymoon!



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