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Sarah of Fred & Ginger Catering

Our wedding vendors never cease to inspire me with their passion, attention to detail and care that ensures your wedding day will be the best it can be. Fred & Ginger Catering is committed to creating innovative food that is also familiar in its origins, all handmade and above all delicious. With many amazing venues – both city and country, to choose from, this team of dedicated people bring you good food, professional service, tailored event management and event design – all in the one neat package. All the hard work is done for you so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day.

Great name for a business – what are its origins?

Well, the business owner Emma Musgrove has flaming red hair so the name stuck! Fred and Ginger is a collaboration of people who come together to achieve perfection, just like the originals did through dance many years ago.

How long have you been in business?

We have been operating for 10 years this July so it’s our 10th Birthday. We are planning on a few surprises so make sure you check out our website and facebook page for updates.

Fred & Ginger Catering 2

Image by Fred & Ginger Catering

What is your business and food philosophy?

Fred and Ginger Catering is made up of a unique group of individuals who have created a movement of change within Melbourne’s catering scene.

Our shared philosophy is to provide innovative, yet familiar hand made food with as little impact on the environment as possible.

We draw on the diverse talents and knowledge of our entire team to provide our clients with a highly sought after and personalised experience.

Our Food is innovative and handmade using sustainable, seasonal and fresh produce.

You have always been committed to sustainability. How do you achieve this day to day?

We have committed from day one to ensure our business activities are carried out in the most sustainable way possible, whilst striving to have a minimum impact on our environment and be socially responsible.

To live and breathe this we offset our carbon emissions, we produce 90% of our menu items onsite using small scale local producers, we use green energy and are conscious of minimising waste through packaging choices.

You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability and our environmental credentials by visiting our website http://fredandginger.com.au/sustainability/

Fred & Ginger Catering 5

Image by Marnie Hawson

What, do you feel, sets you apart?

We offer a flexible approach to our customers and work with them as much as possible to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. We love a challenge and working to make this possible for our clients.

When designing new menus what influences do you draw upon?

Our approach to menu design is unique. Handmade, with a strong focus on sustainability, we draw on inspiration from family dinners, Grandmothers’ cookbooks, our collective travel experiences and Melbourne’s diverse food landscape.

We take familiar dishes from our childhood, share our bittersweet memories of that once in a lifetime meal during our travels, then through our collective skills add our distinctive touch, produce menus that people know and love to eat.

Fred & Ginger Catering 3

Image by Jonathan Ong

What is the process you go through when deciding on the final dishes for a new menu?

We road test our dishes before they make the final cut, which involves tasting and feedback from our team. Final say generally comes down to our Executive Chef.

Favourite dishes from your Autumn Winter 2016 menu?

Without a doubt our favourite canape, which is a perennial favourite is our “Steak and fries” – rare roasted sliced sirloin, potato straws, horseradish cream, thyme salt, which is also gluten free.

Fred & Ginger Catering 6
Image by Jonathon Ong

What should the bridal couple consider when choosing their wedding menu?

We always recommend to our wedding clients that they have enough food to stretch throughout the day. Weddings are lengthy affairs and food is an important accompaniment to the memories of the day.

Are you able to recommend country as well as city venues for the bridal couple to consider?

Yes we love a good road trip and would cater for nearly half of our weddings at regional properties. One of our favourites at the moment is Heartwood at Keeyuga – think Olive Groves, Barns, shearing sheds and magical views…..

Fred & Ginger Catering 4

Image by Iain Anderson Photography

Do you have favourite suppliers you call on to assist you to create the big picture e.g. furniture hire, flowers etc?

Yes we work with some terrific people. Each of our suppliers offer something different so we work with who suits the job best.

How do you and the team celebrate the end of the working week?

Usually with a ridiculously over the top cheese platter and some decadent beverages to pat ourselves on the back for the week that has been…..but this happens rarely as mostly Fridays are pretty busy with events!

Thank you Sarah for sharing your story. Food that is delicious, impeccably served, is so much a part of a memorable wedding day. To find out more about Fred & Ginger Catering visit the website.

Check out their easy ‘Wintervention’ Dinner Party recipe here – we can now all cook like Fred & Ginger Catering!!

Headshot courtesy of Fred & Ginger Catering.


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