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There is nothing quite like the beauty and charm of Scotland, and there is no better way to experience it then in a lovely cottage on one of the 70 islands that make up Orkney. The island’s incredible wealth of history has been shaped by over 6,000 years of culture and tradition, so if you’re looking for that magic that can only come with years of beauty, look no further!

Orkney is a series of breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and friendly villages – and it is quite literally one of the world’s most beautiful honeymoon destinations. It is definitely the most romantic destination across the UK, so be sure to consider if for your honeymoon!

Beauty of Scotland

Images via Visit Orkney

5 Places to Stay

In each of the lovely little places across the islands you’re sure to find somewhere you absolutely adore. Cosy up by the fire in a warm room, enjoy pleasant conversation with some of the friendliest people in all of the UK, and take in a piece of history bit by bit!

Avalon House

Avalon House in Kirkwall is a charming boutique guest house that offers its own private car park, home cooking, and luxurious comforts. It’s a cosy alternative to a hotel, and conveniently close to some of the best of Orkney. It’s simple and it’s lovely!

Bedrock Bed and Breakfast

Situated in the West Mainland (and so conveniently close to the heart of the Neolithic history of Orkney), this bed and breakfast is another charming alternative to a traditional hotel – and we love it for it! Guests can expect to relax in a room so beautiful it’s almost a part of the Orkney history itself.

Bedrock Bed and Breakfast

Image via Bedrock Bed and Breakfast

Straigona Bed and Breakfast

The lovely bed and breakfast is a little more contemporary than the rest of Orkney, but it’s just as beautiful and enriched in history and tradition. Enjoy a large, gorgeous garden, indulge in the comfort of the surroundings, and have a chat with the friendly staff!

Standing Stones Hotel

Easily one of the most beautiful places to stay in Orkney, the Standing Stones Hotel is situated in the heart of the West Mainland. The hotel’s beautiful gardens overlook the Loch of Stenness and its private location promises rest and relaxation.

The Orkney Hotel

The Orkney Hotel is a beautiful 17th century hotel, home to award-winning cuisine, peaceful and cosy furnishings and a superb location. Relax by the fire or enjoy a meal in the Garden View Restaurant overlooking the private gardens.


Image via The Orkney Hotel

5 Places to Visit

Orkney is renowned for the incredibly rich history. Although most of the islands are uninhabited and are treasured for their open spaces, you can still discover some of the islands’ most visited and most loved destinations.

West Mainland

The West Mainland is the most romantic, most magical place in all of Orkney. As the heart of the Neolithic history of Scotland, the mainland is well deserving of a UNESCO World Heritage Site – if you need convincing, watch the sunset from anywhere across the ten-mile coastal Black Craig path. For a dash of history in your day, check out the Ring of Brodgar, Maeshowe, and Skara Brae.

West Mainland

The Bishops Palace and Earls Palace

You can quite literally expect to step right through the threshold of history at this spectacularly stunning castle. The remarkable ancient structure was built in the 1100’s to house the wealthy – now it’s a popular tourist destination. And it’s no wonder – I’m still trying to grasp how stunning and complete it looks after all this time! And what’s more romantic than visiting a castle on your honeymoon?


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St Magnus Cathedral

The ‘Light in the North’ is a gorgeous example of Romanesque architecture. Enjoy a guided tour of the cathedral, climb up to the top of the tower for the best views, and examine the stain glass windows up close! The magnificently imposing structure is a must-see attraction in Orkney, and it’s easy to see why!

St Magnus Cathedral

Banks Chambered Tombs

Although a little spooky, the tombs were only discovered in 2010 so they are virtually untouched, which makes this hidden gem worth exploring! The tombs provide a unique opportunity to experience the reality of Neolithic life – yet another exciting, interactive way to step back into Scottish Viking history.

Maeshowe Chambered Cairn

As one of the finest Neolithic buildings in north-west Europe, this astonishing site is sure to amaze! The destination is as beautiful above the surface as it is below, and to top it all off, the ancient graffiti and carvings are like secret notes just for you!


Images via Visit Orkney

5 Things to Do

There is no shortage of things to do in Orkney. From the culture and history of the ancient sites, to shopping for charming homemade crafts to take home with you, you’re sure to feel the magic of Orkney every step of the way!

Museums and Galleries

Across the island there are a number of incredible museums and galleries that are frequented by visitors looking to take in the art and culture of Scotland. Artefacts from stunning prehistoric sites and contemporary artwork of Orkney wind up at the state-of-the-art destinations. We highly recommend visiting the Piers Art Centre!

Museums and Galleries

Eating Out and Distilleries

Orkney’s food and drink is celebrated for its excellent reputation. Whether you choose to pack a picnic for the beach or seek out fine dining options, Orkney has the means to ensure you enjoy one romantic occasion after another. And of course there are the distilleries, where free tastings are a must! Check out the Highland Park Distillery!

Crafts and Shopping

Painters, potters, jewellers, sculptors, and textile designers come in abundance in Orkney. The community of art is always open to visitors – and with all the magic in homemade items, why pass it up? Whatever you take home with you will have the signature charm and beauty of lovely Orkney.

Crafts & Shopping

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy a hike along towering cliffs, spend the day on a white sandy beach, or rent out some equipment and take advantage of Orkney’s outdoor activities. Charter a boat with Dawn Star Boat Trips to take in each of the 70 islands, dive underwater to experience the beauty below with Scapa Scuba and seek out every little bit of history.


Orkney is nothing if not historical, and the best way to take that all in is with a tour. Consider Great Orkney Tours, who will show you and your significant other the most romantic destinations across the islands – including the breathtaking scenery across many of the natural wonders, and exclusive tours of Orkney’s best food and drink.


Images via Visit Orkney

Orkney is simply beautiful. For a honeymoon steeped in history and full of arts, tradition, and culture, you can’t go past this hidden gem of Scotland. Enjoy the most romantic place in all of the UK – and take a lot of photos!


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