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Jolene and Andrzej are living their dream. The fabulous duo are behind the widely successful family travel blog, Wanderlust Storytellers. Sharing their passion for travel with people all around the globe, Jolene and Andrzej say that have found their purpose in life – “the question and the never ending search for what we are here for or what we are meant to do with our lives was answered when we created our family travel blog.”

The blog has expanded over several social media channels including Instagram where they have a loyal following of over 32,000! Wanderlust Storytellers seek out the hidden gems of the countries they visit and capture memories to inspire your next trip. They have raised their children to have an open mind when it comes to possibilities and to consider the whole world as their home. Let’s take a look at some of their recommendations for the hidden gems of the world.

What is your favourite region?

When I think about a region, two areas on the world map stand out for me: Europe and South East Asia!

I grew up in Poland and I have seen enough snow in my life, so summer time always attracts me more than any other season.

Europe: What is not to love about summer in Europe?  Where the sun stays up till the late hours of the night; restaurants spill out onto the streets and alleys … and beautiful music relaxes all your senses.  Sounds magical, because it is!  I can spend hours reminiscing about all the wonderful times we have had in some gorgeous regions of Europe!

Paint a little picture of some quality time with your loved one.  When you sit at the restaurant with your partner …

wine glass in hand …

a warm summery breeze brushing your cheek …

the aromas from the kitchen just asking to be eaten and …

the band is playing a soft ballad…

Got your attention?…  YES!  No need to say more, right?


South East Asia: Oh, summer time in Asia.  Doesn’t matter if the sweat covers your brow, the flavours of Asia have captivated me to no end.  There is so much more for us to explore in this beautiful continent.  However, all that we have seen so far has only made me crave for more!

The beauty of South East Asia is that you can enjoy the luxuries of life at such an incredibly affordable price tag!  Whilst we love to explore on holiday, we can never resist taking time out to just unwind as well.  Those daily massages, that come at such a low price that you don’t even have to blink about them!  The cheap cocktails, so cheap that you can indulge in them at any hour of the day. Add in some stunning palm tree scenery, one of my all-time favourite holiday moments!  And splash out some beautiful glorious hotels and resorts!!  I think our favourite South East Asia country is Vietnam, it has so much on offer!  We can’t wait to return and explore more!


Top resort recommendation

But there are so many! Haha…  OK, how about this one.  Does a ‘resort’ on a Junkboat suffice?


Imagine you are on board a five star boat.  The captain steers the ship slowly in between insanely picturesque scenery, where sunset kisses the tips of the rocks rising to the sky from the bay waters.  You are sitting on the top deck on your comfy sun bed, one hand in hand with your loved one and the other helping you to the smooth and happily intoxicating cocktail.


Oh man, I want to be in Halong Bay in Vietnam again, on board of the Indochina Sails boat!  This is a spectacular way to stay a few nights in truly unique ‘resort’ environment!

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities

We spent our honeymoon in the glorious romantic country called Italy.  This holiday was the most amazing trip of my life!

Hands down, I would recommend to spend your honeymoon exploring!  Exploring new destinations and finding its hidden secrets! We love finding ourselves in some secluded, quiet coves away from tourists.  Or trying to scout out some spectacular waterfalls to take a dip in.  I think there is something to be said for discovering your own little piece of paradise, memories that will last you a lifetime!

To be honest, for me the best means of exploring is by driving or taking a road trip.  On our honeymoon we hired a car and decided to tackle the Amalfi Coast roads.  Zooming down the Amalfi Coast cliff-hugging road, whilst the magic of this region that opens up right in front of your windscreen is next to none! This is an experience of a life time and truly unforgettable!  LOVE Amalfi Coast!  We will be back!


The ideal location for a honeymoon

My proposal was something else, ummmm haha… you might have to ask my wife to share that moment with you on another occasion.  All I will say, it was in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and at one of our favourite lookouts over the valley leading to the waterfall.  Beautiful spot!

However, if I was going to re-propose to my beautiful wife, I would choose to do it at sunset on the Rialto Bridge in the most romantic city in Europe, Venice!  I am pretty sure, this location has witnessed many proposals already, but does it really matter?  Sunset on the Rialto Bridge is spectacular!  Boats and gondolas weaving in and out of traffic on the emerald water of the Grand Canal, perfect!  We spent so much time on the bridge, just trying to absorb the views and atmosphere!


Tip:  The restaurant on the right side of the canal with the red umbrellas has yummy food!  Although you might fork out a little more Euro due to their location, it is worth it for a romantic after-proposal dinner!


Best kept secret honeymoon location

OK, if you really want to escape and you want to go to somewhere that does not already exist on every other honeymooners list, why not head to Koh Rong Samloem Island in Cambodia!

You are asking yourself now, Where? What?  I know, because I was like that when we were searching for places to stay in Cambodia.

Koh Rong Samloem is insanely beautiful.  We stayed at the Sol Beach Resort on the Saracen Bay side of the island.  This is a paradise island, and one that is still not over populated with crowds of tourists.  All you need is here.  Total bliss and tranquillity.  Nothing but the blue of the water.  Add in some hammocks located right in the ocean water? And if you are lucky you will even see some bioluminescent algae in the water! Nothing like sparkly water to ramp up the romantic atmosphere!  Do I really have to say more?


All images by Wanderlust Storytellers


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: The trip along the Amalfi Coast road sounds so wonderful; hire a convertible car for a romantic ‘Grace Kelly’ adventure!


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