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It’s been a big decade at Polka Dot Bride – next week we turn ten and what better way to celebrate than with a redesign?

We quietly launched our new look right before the dawn of 2017, but the ideas and mission began long ago. For years I have been dreaming up a redesign, delaying it for so many reasons, but our mission and the way I wanted to make readers of Polka Dot Bride feel, has been there from the beginning.

Our new design stands firm as a result of so many conversations, passionate conversations, long articles we have written and shared, ideas we have executed that have really crystallised things for us. This statement is what in our hearts we believe and as a team work so hard to give to you. We desire not the prettiest, the flashiest, the most on trend – what we want is for you to click away from Polka Dot Bride feeling one thing – good.

Good about yourself, good about your partner, good about your relationships – good about your wedding. Our work has always been about inspiring you to create a wedding uniquely yours and that holds true today more than ever.

We’ve only just begun, though – this is simply a fresh new look. Over the coming months we will be working with you to understand exactly what you want, what you need – what makes you feel good as we embark on an even bigger redesign, one that shakes the foundations, one that requires a lot more code and tweaking and one that shakes things up as we launch new features and developments we have working on for literally years.

So consider this step one in the new Polka Dot Bride and make sure you join us next week as we celebrate turning ten because with feeling good comes celebration, and we’re not ones to let such a milestone roll by without a fuss!

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  • Jess Derrick says:
    January 9, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Loving the redesign! Congrats on a wonderful 10 years. x



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