Best Qualities For A Best Man

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Naomi Neilson
Best Qualities For A Best Man

Image by Georgia Verrells via Micy & Jay’s Decadent Bram Leigh Wedding

Choosing someone to be your best man may seem like a simple enough task, but before you do, consider their responsibilities. The best man will have to take care of the rings, organise the buck’s night, ensure you make it to the end of the aisle, and make a speech, among many others. Sure, you can delegate some of these roles to your groomsmen, but at the end of the day, it’s your best man who is standing next to you when you exchange your vows. So choose carefully. Here are some qualities to look for when deciding on who could be your best man.

The best man is going to have to be responsible for a lot of tasks before, during, and even after the wedding. Having him lose the ring before the ceremony or forgetting to pay the band on your behalf isn’t a good look – and it’s just going to stress you and your bride out. So it’s wise to choose someone responsible. This way, you will spend your day cherishing the new memories you’re making – not worrying about whether or not the jobs you have assigned (no matter how small) are getting done.

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You’re entrusting your best man to take care of your nerves and make sure you make it down to the end of the aisle in one piece. You are also entrusting him to plan the buck’s night or get together and make sure you make it home in time without any major issue. So make sure it’s someone who’s sensible and reliable.

Your best man is going to have to be a calming, compassionate presence who is dedicated to making sure you enjoy every second of your big day. He won’t put himself and his needs first, he will get along with the wedding party and ensure there is no conflict. He should immediately be ready to tackle anything that comes your way – for your sake.

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You’re going to have to rely on your best man to keep your nerves steady and to take care of the tasks you aren’t prepared to complete on your own. The best man should be reliable enough to take care of important tasks – like delivering payments, ensuring transportation to the venue, and making sure the party is running smoothly  – so that you don’t have to worry about getting them done yourself.

Preferably, your best man is going to be well known and liked by the majority of your guests – and your bride. He should also be outgoing and charismatic enough to make conversation with relatives and in-laws, as well as make the best man’s speech at the reception. Make sure your best man isn’t the joker of the group either – a misplaced joke may not be what you need in the speech. He should be charming enough to wow the crowd and outgoing enough not to make it awkward. He should also be able to crack a joke or two to steady your nerves.

Image by Tony Evans Photography via Nat & Zander’s Charming Rippon Lea Wedding

While it may be the obvious choice to pick your brother or your best friend, it’s important that they meet all the above qualities – or at least most of them. You will need to have absolute faith in your best man (or best woman) to make sure your big day runs as smoothly as possible, so choose wisely.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Reliability, compassion and sincerity – great qualities to look for in a best man..and a friend.

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