Five Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Destination Wedding

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Five Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Destination Wedding

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Do I really need a wedding planner for my destination wedding? Wouldn’t it be more fun…and less expensive…to do all the planning myself? Everything I need to know is online. It is after all, the most important day of my life.

Precisely… so why risk everything going pear shaped ? Before you head off into the uncertain blue yonder of “do-your-own destination wedding planning”, spend a minute with us at Botanica Weddings to find out exactly what’s involved.

1. Does anyone really care about my wedding?

To you it’s the most important day of your life. But sadly to some destination venues, you’re just another date on their calendar. The hard truth is, if they’re also running functions and corporate events or if they’re resorts with thousands of hotel guests to look after, your wedding is just a tiny speck on their very busy horizon. It’s common for brides to feel like they’re stuck on a wedding assembly line.

Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner For My Destination Wedding? 

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2. Hello, is anyone out there?

Typically how most weddings venues work is that the sales person will have an initial Skype call with you to reassure you that everything will be fine on the day and answer any questions you may have.

Then, you’re pretty much left on your own until six months out from the wedding when you are assigned a coordinator. They’ll ask you a few questions about guest numbers and menu choices then point you in the direction of a whole bunch of people who you then have to contact to ask about providing all the ancillary services. Not so easy when they’re thousands of miles from home.

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3. I can’t believe it’s 3am and I’m worrying about whether my vegan niece will have anything to eat.

As the wedding day looms closer, it’s common for brides to feel like they’re drowning in a sea of decisions with nobody to haul them out. Think about how many suppliers you have to deal with and areas you need to cover…venue, guest list, celebrants, accommodation, tours, invitations, RSVPs, photographers, videographers, the dress, what your bridal party will be wearing, hair and makeup, flowers, decorations, transport, childcare, DJ, first dance, seating plans, favours, the menu, the drinks, cake…and if you really want to go all out: fireworks, doves, butterflies, live entertainment, and the scariest one of all – managing the budget!

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4. I’m not a bride to be, I’m a travel agent!

They say the most stressful part of a destination wedding isn’t the day itself, it’s looking after all your guests. One minute you’re organising your wedding, the next you’ve become a travel agent, worrying about all your family and friends, how they’ll get there, where they’ll stay, what they’ll do….days spent hunched over your inbox trying to find out things like whether the hotel has a ground floor room because of Uncle Bill’s bad hip!

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5. Budget blow outs

This is definitely the elephant in the reception room. Try asking someone what your wedding is going to cost; “that’s totally up to you” can often be the response. Which isn’t very helpful when you’ve never done this before.

I need help.

If possible, try to find a venue that only offers destination weddings; they’d have to be good because that’s all they do. These venues offer a unique guided approach where every couple is stepped through the process by an expert, dedicated planner who takes everything in hand from day one. Nothing is left to chance.

To make your experience doubly relaxed, at Botanica Weddings we also offer POPPY, an online wedding planner that manages every one of the key 24 aspects involved in organising your wedding. POPPY provides you with :

  • 41 pages of information and images
  • 33 how to videos
  • 28 interactive pages e.g load up your guest list, do your seating plan, upload your music.
  • 27 shopping pages : choose your hair and make up/flowers/fireworks

….all in the one easy to find location, that’s been designed around your wedding.

With the help of a planner, your destination wedding of your dreams really will come true!

Ms Chinoiserie Says: With a dedicated planner taking care of your special day, all you need do is relax and enjoy every moment!

About Botanica Weddings: Perched on the edge of the Coral Sea in the glorious Whitsundays, Villa Botanica’s superb gardens and architecture make for a destination wedding venue simply unmatched anywhere in Australia. Only minutes from Airlie Beach, yet totally private and exclusively yours for the day.

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