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Celebrate a new marriage surrounded by the revelry of life and love in an atmosphere that rivals anything you have ever experienced before. Romance, commitment and family become the only things that matter as people across the globe come together to celebrate culture and years of tradition. Revellers are immersed in one big, special moment made by the spirit of the community – a feeling not to be missed! So pick any one of these destinations around the world in April to celebrate your new married life – and enjoy the fun!


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The Seville Fair

Spring in Seville, Spain comes with an intoxicating atmosphere made that much more special by the excitement of the cities most treasured events – the Sementa Santa and the Feria. The fair takes place in Los Remedios, a huge area in the south-west of the city, and consists of a week of entertainment – from dancing, drinking and late nights. During this week, hundreds of ‘casetas’ – or tents – are installed in the fairground and become a second-home to the revellers as they move from experience to experience.


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For somewhere close to stay, consider the quirky El Rey Moro Hotel Boutique Seville. The friendly staff, incredible restaurant and close location makes this hotel a fan favourite with visitors – especially those coming to enjoy the festivities. It’s close enough to be part of the festival, but private enough to enjoy a breather or two. For something a little more luxurious, have a look at the Hotel Alfonso XIII. This gorgeous hotel was commissioned by the King of Spain to host his guests so it’s no wonder the hotel is such a big hit in Seville, especially since its renovation.

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When you eventually emerge from the luxury and comfort of your hotel it should be to marvel at the thousands of lanterns that make up the fairground entrance. Once you get past them there are the casetas where families, friends, and couples are indulging in great wine and conversation while dancing and singing fills the air around you. For something a little more touristy, have a look at the horse and carriage parade. With bullfighting, incredible architecture and the spectacular fireworks display at the end, you’re sure to feel right at home in the midst of this unique kind of excitement.

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Kings Day

Amsterdam comes alive with music, parties and a citywide street market to celebrate the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. Previously the Queens Day to honour Queen Wilhelmina and her daughter Juliana, and then finally Princess Beatrix, the festival has so many elements that come straight from royalty. With a sea of orange and the incredible bursts of colours from the decorated boats on the canals, the festival is an explosion of colours, parties, tourism and so, so much shopping.

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Amsterdam is enriched by so many wonderful hotels, like the incredible Ambassade Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam’s Canal District. With a convenient location – just by the street fair – and the classical allure, guests can expect a five star stay. The hotel offers a restaurant, bar and luxury comfort in the rooms – not to mention the view! If that’s not your cup of tea, have a look at the equally gorgeous Waldorf Astoria. It’s timeless elegance and nostalgic beauty provides a private escape from the bustling city, but is still close enough to enjoy all the festivities.

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Have your dancing – or walking – shoes ready for this festival! Either spend your nights partying at one of Amsterdam after-dark locations, or seek out the infamous technofest across the city. If that’s not your thing, take your new partner to watch the party boats on the canals and admire the explosion of colour – although get used to the orange! If shopping is on your list, Amsterdam’s street fairs have it in abundance or just head out and admire everything you walk past – from museums, the canals, architecture, and, of course, each other! Enjoy your festival honeymoon!

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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

New Orleans is always a party. With some of the best festivals happening on their home turf, there is no wonder the city is so good at it. There is no exception for The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The music is incredible, the people are quirky and full of joy and life and the momentous scene is spontaneous and contagious. For something with culture and bubbly fun, journey to New Orleans in April!

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When in New Orleans, stay in the French quarter! The incredible Hotel le Marais is a chic boutique hotel that offers a mixture of classical and modern themes that all make up an exciting array of upscale amenities and luxury stays. Stay in a comfortable room, enjoy a full service bar and bask in the friendly service. As another option, consider the classically gorgeous Windsor Court Hotel. Not only are their rooms incredible, but so is the cafe, restaurants, and lounges. It’s really worth the stay!

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The annual festival is a big celebration of music and culture in New Orleans, so if you’re not out in the streets or seeking out the artists over the entire session, then you’re doing it wrong. With your new partner in tow, seek out the music and the tradition that makes New Orleans one of the festival locations in the world. Music encompasses the entire festival, so if you or your partner is a music fan – or even just up for some unique New Orleans experience – then the jazz festival is for you!

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April’s festivals are beautiful arrays of colour, joy, and excitement – and so much love. Either enjoy a festival in lovely Spain, join the crowds of Orange in the always gorgeous Amsterdam, or head straight for the party in New Orleans. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to have a honeymoon that rivals any other.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: So much fun to be had in April – New Orleans is my party place!


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