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Bec Lawrence

Polka Dot Travel Lounge With Becky From We Are Travel Girls

Becky is the founder of a popular female travel community called We Are Travel Girls. Together with her co-founder Vanessa Rivers, We Are Travel Girls carefully curates and publishes travel stories from their growing community of over 175,000 Instagram followers. They provide daily travel inspiration as well as promoting and connecting female travellers all around the world.

In 2017 We are Travel Girls will be launching retreats where they will have inspirational speakers and daily workshops to help women trying to break into the travel industry, as well as meet one another and travel together! With such an exciting year ahead we were lucky to chat to Becky about what destinations you must visit for your honeymoon or next escape.

What is your favourite region?

I travelled through South East Asia when I was 23 for six months and fell in love with the region. So much so that over ten years later I am now living in Bali so that I can explore Indonesia and go back to all of the countries that I visited in Asia once again.

A highlight for me during that trip was our time in Laos – my friend and I were young and adventurous and made sure that we got off the beaten path into the country. Getting around Laos at the time was certainly not easy and we have some great stories to tell from the trip!

I am still yet to see images on social media of some of the places that we visited, such as Ponsavan – a town built almost entirely on the shells of bombs left behind during the Vietnam War – or the Four Thousand Islands, an area of thousands of tiny islands where you can cruise around in search of the allusive Irrawaddy dolphin! There is so much history and culture in Asia that it has to be my favourite region.

Top resort recommendation?

I recently stayed at The Andaman Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. The resort is absolutely beautiful and suits all types of travellers –  from young families, to couples (perfect for honeymooners!), or even a girls’ getaway.

Set in a beautiful bay, the resort offers a perfect white sand beach and turquoise waters to rival any other popular island resort. I especially loved the conservation efforts here at the resort, where they have a coral sanctuary and are transplanting corals back into the ocean to recover damage to the reef in 2004 by the tsunami.

Plus there is so much wildlife at the resort, the hotel offers morning and evening rainforest walks; we loved the story of a team from National Geographic spending three months in Borneo to observe flying lemurs. They only saw three in that time at Borneo but between their room and walking to breakfast at The Andaman they saw five! So the perfect place for a nature lover. But if lying by the beach with a cocktail in hand is more your speed, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

Get outside! On your honeymoon you should definitely take the opportunity to do a once in a lifetime trip and that probably means something outside. Antarctica to see the penguins, Alaska to hike on a glacier, South Africa for a safari, China to walk The Great Wall or the Galapagos to dive with hammerheads!

The ideal location for a proposal

The ideal location for a proposal would be somewhere personal to the relationship – the first city you visited together, the first beach where you watched the sunset, a favourite hidden spot only you know about. Personally I would always want it to be private and a special moment between me and the person I love, so a simple proposal at a beautiful beach would be perfect!

Best kept secret honeymoon location

Finnish Lapland! What could be more romantic than a honeymoon in the snow, sleeping in an igloo with Northern Lights twinkling above you and then curling up in an ice hotel for the night?! During the day there are so many activities – think husky and reindeer sledding, horse riding, snowmobiling – and in the evening you can gaze at the stars or enjoy Champagne in a snow hot tub!

All images via Becky from We are Travel Girls.


Ms Chinoiserie Says: How beautiful would a sleigh ride through the snow be?! Followed by a night in an ice hotel with the Northern Lights dancing overhead – perfect!


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