The Polka Dot Travel Lounge With Lina And David From Divergent Travelers

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Polka Dot Travel Lounge With Lina And David From Divergent Travelers

We were so excited when Lina and David, founders of one of the top adventure travel blogs, Divergent Travelers, shared some of their favourite destinations with us. Lina and David started the blog in 2013 when they decided that they wanted to sell all their stuff, pack up shop and travel around the world for a couple of years.

They didn’t know it would happen at the time, but their website has turned into a business and they now travel the world full-time. On top of that Lina is also a professional photographer and spends a lot of time working with destinations and companies to showcase them through content creation.  The talented couple share a love for exploring new destinations and adventuring in the outdoors. They have a dedicated following of over 46,000 Instagram followers who fall for their wanderlust inducing photography and like us are counting down until their next trip. Follow on below to find out the Divergent Travelers top recommendations.

What is your favourite region?

This is a real tough one to answer because we are able to find the good in every place that we visit. When you love travel unconditionally, it is hard to break them down to compare. But based on frequency of visiting, we will say South East Asia (while cringing about the others we have left out!)

When we got married in 2010, we took a three week backpacking trip around Thailand and Cambodia. This trip would ultimately ignite our lust for wanting to backpack the world, so you could say our current lifestyle was born from the very trip. Since then, we’ve visited every country in South East Asia except Brunei. It’s a beautiful place to travel with exotic cultures, epic jungles and some of the best beaches in the world. You can see more on a video we recently created from our trip to the Philippines.

Top resort recommendation?

While we have stayed in plenty of resorts during our travels, they aren’t our first choice for accommodation. That said though, we love staying at resorts when we need a break after some intense adventures. In 2015 we spent four months over-landing through Africa from Cape Town to Cairo.

We spent those 119 days camping and by the time we reached Cairo we were ready for some luxury. We hopped on a bus and none hours later arrived in the tiny resort town of Dahab on the Red Sea. We spent eight days at an all-inclusive resort with a private beach, large pools and some amazing scuba diving sites right off the beach. It had everything we needed to relax and recover from our four month adventure through Africa. For us, it’s about comfort when we choose to stay in places that are more upscale.

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

If you really want to bond with your significant other, tackle an adventure that will get the adrenaline going. Maybe even choose something that scares you both a little. Being able to overcome that, experience it and celebrate the fear together on the other side of it is something you can’t replace in your relationship. Some of our favourite things to do together are scuba diving, white-water rafting, camping trips, multi-day hikes in extreme areas and skydiving.

The ideal location for a proposal

We think the ideal proposal location has less to do with being somewhere exotic than it does with being somewhere that is special to both of you. In our minds, there is no “one size fits all” location.

Best kept secret honeymoon location

We have two of these. While there are plenty of people traveling to both, the countries of the Philippines and Indonesia are both island nations with some of the most pristine, unspoiled paradises on the planet. The Philippines has over 7,000 islands whilst Indonesia has over 17,000 islands, making it easy to find yourself in total seclusion surrounded by natural wonders. We’ve explored both for long periods of time, eight weeks each respectively, and have only scratched the surface. If you’re a couple that is looking for a bit of adventure in paradise, these locations will certainly deliver.

All images via Lina and David at Divergent Travelers

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such beautiful images – a honeymoon at any of your favourite island getaways sounds like heaven!


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