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Baker Boys Band has been getting parties started with great music for a long time, and their experience and professionalism shows in the music they play and their ability to draw people onto the dance floor who swear they ‘never dance’. Not only does our choice of music set the tone for the reception and the processional, it also gets the party started and keeps the celebration going into the wee hours. Choose from a trio to a 12 piece band with a repertoire ranging from the classics to the latest hits, and your wedding guests will have time of their lives showing off their latest dance moves! Paul, the manager of the band takes us through the Baker Boys Band story.

Please describe the wedding services you offer?

The Baker Boys Band offers unlimited entertainment options for all aspects of the perfect wedding day. From sublime Classical Ceremony String Quartets, a super chilled Jazz Trio to compliment your outdoor Canapés, followed by a supercharged party band for the Reception, Baker Boys delivers high-energy music including fist-pumping classics and the latest Top 40 hits, squarely aimed at filling the dance floor with unforgettable experiences!

How long has it been since you formed as a Band?

The Baker Boys were established 12 years ago, playing to the University crowds at Irish Pubs and Clubs around Town.

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What prompted the decision to form a Band?

We were all studying music at the time and already knew a heap of party covers material, plus it was a good excuse to hang with our mates and meet new people.
The overwhelming success of our humble little Pub Band sparked a number of bookings for private parties and local festivals, so we embraced the demand and the rest is history.

Are there core members who always play at each function?

Baker Boys have core members that perform regularly, determined by the Band size or configuration the client requests.

Do you hold regular showcases?

Yes, we perform regularly. Check our website for showcase dates.

If we particularly love the line-up we see at the Showcase evening, are we able to book that exact Band?

Absolutely! Our showcase presents the opportunity to road test our talented Lead Singers, whom offer a wide variety of performance styles, character and sounds.

Baker Boys Band configurations are totally customisable and we encourage our clients to attend showcases, nominate their favourite Male &/or Female Lead Singers who’ll be accompanied by their preferred musicians.
Availability and limitations apply during peak seasons.

When a bridal couple books you for their Wedding, how do we know who will be part of the line-up on the night?

Showcases are the best platform to experience a live Band, but it’s no biggie if you can’t attend.
Based on information supplied by the client about their favourite music styles, artists or genres, our Consultants will perfectly match the most suitable Band configuration for their special day, supported by visual examples and repertoire lists.

How long does the Band play on the night? Is that time able to be extended?

The booking duration is completely flexible, however our best value package is based on a 5 hour function. Obviously we cannot perform continuously over this time as we generally think of our playing time as being divided into 4 x 45min sets, spread out over the 5 hours.
A popular option for extensions is to graduate the entertainment by adding a Jazz Trio for Canapés, followed by a 5 or 7 piece Band for the Reception.

Are you able to advise the couple with their choice of music – both for Ceremony and Reception?

We offer a comprehensive planning service to discuss everything music related. We even help clients schedule their Reception and plan out the Band sets and formalities.

If the Couple choose Ceremony music that is not in your repertoire, are you able to accommodate this?

Our Classical Strings option offers a huge catalogue of arrangements, whilst our Acoustic Duo can perform specific requests for the traditional Ceremony elements such as the Processional, Signing of Register and Recessional.

How do you ensure that there will be a good mix of music throughout the reception – from dinner to dancing?

From the moment we initiate contact with the client, we investigate preferred music styles, artists, genres and eras to customize a huge pallet of material. Our first performance set highlights the band’s versatility in playing chilled Jazz, RnB and Ballads, before launching into a series of epic dance sets featuring upbeat party classics and top 40 to ignite the dance floor.

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Are you able to play requests on the night?

We pride ourselves on being able to read the crowd and play accordingly. However we love direction and super approachable, so don’t hold back – if we know them, we’ll play them 🙂

You play mostly in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane, and around the world. Are you also available to play in Australian country areas?

You bet! In fact almost 25% of our clients prefer to party in the Country. Yee-haw!

What is the process of booking and working with you?

From the initial stages of a clients enquiry we mail our free Demo CD and provide quote options for all elements of their special day, including 24/7 access to our unique online Band Planner. Our Band member whom initiates the client’s consultation will happily offer expert advice throughout the whole planning process, including regular updates and reminders.

What are you able to do to assist the smooth flow of a Wedding Day?

Achieving the perfect balance between food, formalities and fabulous music is potentially the most important consideration when planning the perfect Reception. We’re happy to assist in drafting successful schedule options and collaborate with the Venue to ensure the celebration builds momentum.

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Is being a musician the best fun, or is there a lot of hard work behind the scenes?

The single biggest common thread shared by our musicians is the professionalism, dedication and enjoyment when performing our craft. Musicians spend countless hours of practice, rehearsals and gigs over many years to earn compliments like “you sound amazing and make it look so easy!” It’s not all about instant gratification, but people sharing their appreciation of music is always welcome and a well-deserved pat on the back. We love our job!

Is there a particular connection between people on the dance floor and a live band (as distinct from a DJ)?

We actually work with DJ’s frequently and appreciate what they bring to the dance floor. Naturally a live band oozes charisma and provides an animated experience, with raw energy and physical interaction. We thrive off connecting with a captive audience and always aim to deliver the best possible experience.

What do you love about your chosen profession?

I play drums in the Band and love the fact that us drummers can play super quiet in a club or thunderously loud at festivals. Drums are without doubt the most physically demanding instrument, not to mention the process of lumping our gear around. Haa!

But seriously, being a professional musician as my chosen career is a labour of love, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

How do you celebrate the end of a working week?

Catch-up with friends and family or go check out some fresh live music. I’d recommend everyone to get out there and support your local music scene; it’ll automatically make you heaps cooler. Hehe.

Thank you Paul  for sharing the Baker Boys Band story.  Professional, fun and guaranteed to inspire the John Travolta moves hidden inside you.  To find out more about the Baker Boys Band visit the website.

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