A Fitter’s Guide To The Perfect Suit

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Image by Jessica Prince Photography via Alana and James’ Italian Style Abbotsford Convent Wedding.

The dress, the flowers, the hair and the shoes; it can seem like the spotlight is on the bride on your wedding day! A well-fitting, super suave suit will ensure you’ll be able to share the limelight too!

First and foremost, before buying a suit consider the theme, colour and style of your wedding. You don’t want to throw things off-balance but you want to make the right amount of impact.

Whether this is your first or your last step, consider your groomsmen and what they will be wearing. You don’t necessarily want to match them; you want to make sure that everyone knows you are the groom up there with your beautiful soon-to-be wife.

Let’s talk about length. If you’re wearing a jacket, the sleeves should finish at the ‘hinge’ of your wrist and about half an inch of shirt should show underneath.

Image by Qlix Photography via Viktoriia and Jason’s Elegant Substation Wedding

An easy test to determine if the jacket length is right for you is to stand straight with your arms by your side. Ideally you want the jacket to finish between your knuckle and bend of your thumb.

Educate yourself on trouser terminology too. ‘No break,’ ‘half-break,’ and ‘full break’ are all terms to describe the length of your pants. Decide what suits your style best. We recommend the no break style for a cleaner, neater look.

The shirt. Button up your collar all the way; can you fit one or two fingers between the collar and your neck? If so, this is how it should fit. The shoulder points of the shirt should sit comfortably on your own, making it easy to move about.

If you find getting the perfect fit all too hard, visit a tailor. Your tailor will measure your waist, chest and sleeve to determine the right fit for you. Wear a long sleeve shirt on the day of the fitting and if you have already picked your shoes, take them along too.

Image by Jason Tey Photography via Alisa and Dylan’s Modern Farm Wedding

Ms Chinoiserie Says: A well fitting suit is so important; jacket sleeve length is key – and by knowing the measurements, it’s an easy one to get right!


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