Choosing The Car Of Your Dreams!

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Choosing The Car Of Your Dreams!

Image by I Love Wednesdays  via Kellie & Phil’s Whimsical Sydney Garden Wedding

When it comes to choosing the transport for your wedding day, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the options! You may decide to borrow several cars from good friends, or you may be able to walk to your wedding and forego all transport whatsoever! And there may just be that dream car you’ve always wanted that springs to mind. Whichever way you decide to go (and there are a lot of ways to go!), there is no doubt that your transport is important, and can also add a lot of your personality to the wedding day. As you weigh up your options, here are some important details to consider.

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Don’t forget the details! When deciding on your dream car, don’t overlook the small things. Although you may consider the transport on the day to be relatively minor compared to other aspects of the day, you may be spending a fair amount of time in the vehicle. If you’re to be married in the Summer, ensure the car will have sufficient air conditioning, or toasty heating for a Winter wedding.

Consider whether or not you will plan to decorate the car, and perhaps write down your ideas as you go. You’ll need to have these ideas approved by the owner, and the more clear you are, the better the response will be. This could include a surprise for your bride with a floral decoration, blankets if you’re in a convertible and you’re planning on driving off through the night, or even an esky with some snacks for inbetween times. If you’re hiring a car, be sure to check exactly what detail is included in the price.

Image by Jose Villa Photographer

Check your budget. It may be the most obvious, but be very clear of what you are receiving for the price paid. Is it a full day hire or hour by hour? Will a driver be included? Will you be charged more for difficult access or a late running event? Be sure to do your research, and compare the different options available. If you’re borrowing vehicles, consider an appropriate gift that will express your thanks, and be sure to return the vehicle in pristine condition.

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Knowledge is golden. When speaking to a hire company, don’t be shy in asking specific questions. If you are planning to get married at peak hour and in town, will the driver know alternate routes to avoid traffic? Is the driver knowledgeable in the areas you will be travelling? The more you can ask now, the more confident you can be on the big day.

Although choosing your dream car for the wedding is an exciting job to take on, there is a lot of responsibility in organising transport for everyone. Consider making a running sheet so that you, the bridal party and family members all know what the plan is for the day. This should keep things to time, and will particularly help with transport issues. Give a copy to your driver so that they have a clear understanding of the day, or if a friend will be the driver for your bridal party, be sure to give them this information too.

Image by Someday Somewhere Photography via Cherie & Shawn’s Autumnal Marybrooke Manor Wedding

Seats for how many? You’ve got the bride and her maids sorted, you’ve got your own wheels, so you’re all set! Or are you? Don’t forget about other family members involved, including who will be in the vehicle with the bride on the way to the ceremony. Tradition states that she and the person giving her away will journey together, but there’s no need to feel bound by this.

Consider other significant family (brothers, grandparents and so on), and try to be considerate of those travelling from interstate or even internationally. They may need some suggestions for the best way to get around, whether that be trams, buses, or a suggested taxi group.

If you’re to be married in a location that is difficult to access or somewhere quite distant, it can be fun to organise group transport. Don’t forget to ask your photographer if they’d like to ride in a certain car for particular photos. They may be happy in their own transport, but if they’re expecting a spare seat it’s always best to know in advance.

Image by Mattography via Kirsten and Tom’s Pretty Pink Maleny Wedding

The most important thing to remember when choosing the car of your dreams is to make it personal. You may have dreamed of rolling up in a beautiful vintage car or stepping out of sports car to arrive at your big day! You may be staying at the venue and can easily stroll to the ceremony location, or you may have more extravagant ideas for your getaway car! Although there is much organisation and research involved, be creative and have fun when dreaming up your transport for the day. Make sure you’ll be comfortable, definitely stash some celebration Champagne somewhere and enjoy the ride!

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Great advice – particularly about checking the budget; keep delays (peak hour traffic be gone!) in mind and plan accordingly!

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