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Bec Lawrence

The Common Wanderer

Mark and Miranda are talented writers, photographers and travel bloggers originally from Australia, but are now based in London.

They are an everyday Australian couple with a love of travel and adventure, who swapped their ordinary lives for something more extraordinary. Now they travel the world creating content for brands and for their own website.

Mark and Miranda created The Common Wanderer to share some of the incredible, humbling, exciting places and human stories they’ve discovered during their travels, and hope that through them, they can inspire their followers to wander too.

This power couple have explored over 28 countries together since 2015 and have an Instagram feed that reads like a bucket list. We couldn’t wait to hear what made their list of favourites.

What is your favourite region?

That is a really tough question, because we love mountains and the coast in equal measure!

For mountainous regions, we’d go with the Himalayas. There’s just something about being up in the Himalayas and breathing in that rich, fresh air that makes you feel absolutely alive. There’s also the spiritual aspect which can’t be adequately put into words. We’ve hiked the region twice and can’t wait to get back and explore.

For coastlines, we’d say Cinque Terre in Italy. It’s a super cliche destination, but visiting there and experiencing the stunning beauty of the region was, and still is, one of our favourite travel moments. Not only are the views majestic, but the food is incredible and the Aperol Spritz is cheap! What more could you want?

Top resort recommendation?

We’re not really big on resorts due to our travelling style (that’s not to say we don’t love them!), but we did stay in the most incredible resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania called the Dhow Inn.

It was after our Mt. Kilimanjaro hike, where we both got really sick. All we could think of was a place to relax and regenerate, and the Dhow Inn was exactly the place. Our days consisted of late breakfasts, walks on the beach, afternoon siestas, seafood buffets, and late nights under the stars. Sounds amazing, right?!

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

We believe a honeymoon shouldn’t just be about relaxation – it should be the celebration of the rest of your life together. So doing something challenging – and also relaxing – would be ideal.

We’re thinking hiking through the French Alps and meandering through the stunning countryside at your own pace, stopping off at pretty villages for cheese and wine and camping out under the stars.

Having said that, a fortnight lounging about in the Maldives does sound quite appealing!

The ideal location for a proposal

Mark can’t be giving too many secrets away here, but somewhere that means something to the both of you is always a smart idea.

Where that is, only you’ll know, but for us, potentially up in the mountains with a stunning backdrop!

Best kept secret honeymoon location

Is Sri Lanka secret? Maybe, maybe not? But we think it would be a wonderful location for a honeymoon. It’s so small you can visit all its corners with relative ease, and it has the most incredible culture, food, scenery and above all, coastline. And it’s hot, which is another tick!

All images via Mark and Miranda at The Common Wanderer

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Hiking through the French Alps with cheese sounds like my idea of bliss; perhaps a stop off in Sri Lanka on the way home. Perfect!



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