The Looks We Loved From Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017

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Trend-spotting at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is a feast of contrasts. We saw everything from the re-emergence of boho, feathers galore, high-rise Victorian necklines and no less than three different collections inspired by the architecture of New York. The choice can be overwhelming. So we’ve edited the very best from the fashion runways into this handy guide. Here are the wedding outfits we loved at BBFW 2017 (we hope you find something to love too!)

1. Capes

We don’t know whether to thank Gwyneth or blame her. Ever since Ms Paltrow stepped out at the Oscars five years ago in her iconic Tom Ford white caped gown we’ve been hooked. Here’s hoping a swishy cape is the only dramatic thing present on your big day.

L-R: Galia Lahav, Isabel Zapardiez, Jordi Dalmau, Marylise and Rembo Styling, Pronovias, Sophie et Voila, St. Patrick, Christina Tamborero  

2. 3D Flowers

Florals take on a whole new dimension for the 2018 wedding season. Whether laser-cut, applique or hand-sculpted, 3D flowers were detailing dresses all over the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week runways.

L-R: Angel Sanchez, Carla Ruiz, Marco y Maria, Demetrios

3. Pants

Some of us just aren’t the type to frock up. If Emmas Stone and Watson and Tilda Swinton can make pants work on the red carpet, you can make it work on your wedding day. Thankfully plenty of designers included fancy pants in their collections. The below looks prove you can be comfortable and still feel extra special on the day.

L-R: Carla Ruiz, Cymbeline, Isabel Zapardiez, Marylise and Rembo Styling

4. Black Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re secretly (or not so secretly) a goth girl at heart, want something different or simply love the elegance of all things noir, these black dresses may be your perfect wedding look. We think black wedding gowns are best deployed at night, but you’re obviously a rule breaker so don’t heed us too much attention.

L-R: Angel Sanchez, Carla Ruiz, Cymbeline, Isabel Sanchis

5. Coloured Wedding Dresses

Red, yellow, purple, patterns. When coloured wedding dresses look this gorgeous, there’s really no need to consider white at all.

L-R: Matilde Cano, Isabel Zapardiez, Cabotine, Carla Ruiz

6. Long Sleeves

For the longest time, it seemed as if the reign of the strapless dress would never end. Yet fashion-forward brides-to-be have come to realise that you can have so much more fun with voluminous, edgy or attention-grabbing sleeves!

L-R: Angel Sanchez, Morilee Madeleine Gardner, Rosa Clara, Sophie et Voila

7. Metallic

You don’t have to be dripping in gold to add sheen to your wedding day look. Add a smattering of celestial glitter here, a sprinkling of heavy metal sparkle there and you’ll be sure to shine bright.

L-R: Angel Sanchez, Isabel Sanchis, Jesus Peiro, Marco y Maria 

8. Sheer Wedding Dresses

Go sheer on your wedding day with caution. For practical – as opposed to prudish – reasons, you want to be able to move and sit (and hug your nan) without risking going to peek-a-boo. Here are the designers we think are doing the sheer trend right.

L-R: Pronovias, Marco y Maria, Cymbeline, St. Patrick

9. Breath-taking Backs

Make as much of an impact leaving the room as you do walking down the aisle. Simple gowns with heavily embellished or artistically constructed backs turned our heads at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

L-R: Jesus Peiro, Rosa Clara, Galia Lahav, Pronovias

10. The Ballgowns

Sometimes only a proper, regal dress will do. Forget “princess dress”, we’re aiming higher! Here are the best, big and beautiful ball gowns we saw on the runways.

L-R: Cristina Tamborero, Cymbeline, Demetrios, Isabel Zapardiez, Jesus Peiro, Morilee Madeleine Gardner, Pronovias, St. Patrick

Photography by Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

Ms Fleur De Lys travelled to Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week courtesy of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Week and Pronovias.


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