Isobel & Dylan’s Adelaide Hills Bushland Engagement

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Isobel & Dylan

South Australia holds a certain kind of untouched magic for me, and Isobel and Dylan’s Adelaide Hills bushland engagement captured by Matthew Dwyer Studio. sums it up beautifully. The two high school sweethearts, who are planning for their October wedding wanted photos that captured the relaxed vibes of a day together in the bush.

“We’re the quintessential high school sweethearts; although tell that to 17-year-old Isobel and she would not have been impressed. I never thought that I would be marrying my Year 12 boyfriend, but here we are – two best friends who have grown up together and are in love” says Isobel on how the pair met.

On what she loves about Dylan, Isobel notes “Apart from the fact that we are clearly compensating in the height department (Dylan’s 6’6 and I am a measly 5’1), there are so many things I love about Dylan. From his luscious lashes to his wicked sense of humour, and all the way to his huge heart for justice and people. He is a pretty specky human.”

On his future wife, Dylan remarks “The first thing that drew me towards Isobel seven years ago was this warm and playful energy that she brings to each day. She approaches life with such passion and enthusiasm, which can be seen through her bright eyes, frantic hand expressions and literal bouncing as she talks about something that she is excited about. She appreciates stupid jokes, doesn’t take herself too seriously and has the warmest smile.”

“We are really the two biggest dorks, and add a camera, we’re hopeless. Matt and Laura put together a really relaxed shoot where we could just roam around the glorious Adelaide Hills. It was amazing to see the transition from our wandering and chats to the beautifully moody photographs. Matt’s a legend and we are super pumped to get to our wedding photographs.”

Dylan planned a surprise proposal – complete with weed pulling. Isobel explains. “It was in the middle of report writing week (teacher life), my birthday was coming up on the weekend, and we had been struggling to make time to see each other. Dylan suggested we go for a walk in the local Belair National Park, and obliviously I suggested a picnic. Being the stubborn human that I am, I also stated that I was so busy that I wasn’t sure I’d really be able to contribute at all (good one Isobel). Unbeknownst to me, Dylan had already planned this and tricked me into thinking it was all my idea.

We had begun our walk up the hill, Dylan loaded up with all the goodies, and he pointed to a miracle clearing* on the side of the track that looked out across Adelaide. After some musings, Dylan surprised me with the declaration that he’d made a cake! (As much as he tries, this isn’t his forte.) He asked me to close my eyes, and after a moment of rustling I peeked through my hands and he was there in front of me, on his knees. There were many happy tears from the both of us.

*He’d been at the location the night before, pulling up all the weeds with his Mum! Ha!”

Photographer: Matthew Dwyer Studio


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