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Yael and Hugo

 What does ‘meant to be together’ mean, really? Think about it. For some, it means enjoying each others’ company. For others it might mean a mutual chemistry. But for some, it means overcoming every obstacle life throws at you, following your heart when everything is set against you. It means physical pain when you’re apart. It means having this epic romance, where it sometimes seems you are the only ones on the planet – and it might as well could be. This is Samir and Atva’s story.

Samir and Atva’s love is one for the books. After falling for each other at a young age, their relationship hit a rough patch when it became obvious not everyone approved of them being together. But instead of being crushed under the weight of that burden, it made Samir and Atva love each other even more.

Their wedding was a dream come true. Set at the truly unique Kasbah Bab Ourika in the untouched Atlas mountains in Morocco, they agreed to spend their lives together surrounded by family, friends and snowy mountaintops. It’s unbelievable this location is only an hour away from the busy and magical city that is Marrakesh, where the crowded Medina directly contradicts the tranquility of the Kasbah.

We absolutely loved being a part of such an amazing and emotional wedding, to be able to travel to this surreal place and to spend time in Marrakesh with our friend and photographer Raisa Zwart.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed shooting it!

Ms Polka Dot says: This film will give you a lump in the throat watching what is a truly captivating wedding made all the more beautiful by the raw emotion so evident between Samir and Atva.

The Dreamers: A wedding film made by The Dreamers is more than just a wedding film – it’s an experience. We are more than videographers. We’re dreamers – just like you. Together, we dream about the perfect wedding, about the perfect wedding film.



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