Tiffany & Jakob’s Sweet At Home Engagement Session

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Tiffany & Jakob

I love the sense of comfort that comes from being at home, and when Tiffany and Jakob’s sweet at-home engagement session landed on our desks, it warmed every little cockle of our hearts. With Sweet Natured Photography behind the camera, the couple, along with their two children, spent a very normal day at home to document their engagement. Moments captured such as eating breakfast, cuddling in the sunshine and jumping on beds, all make for beautiful scenes captured in time.

On how they met, Tiffany shares, “Not to be the total cliche but I really was ‘working as a waitress in a cocktail bar’ when I met Jakob. I’d moved to Berlin from Melbourne after finishing my BA and started out working in his bar while I got a bit familiar with the language. I got a bit too familiar I guess – before I knew it we decided to move back to Australia and now five years later we have two beautiful bubs (Johnny Fox who is three and Lola who is one) and a de facto visa under our belts.”

Tiffany tells, “Jakob and I have been through a lot of different living situations (single, together, babies, tiny mezzanine bedsit and a sprawling 160-year-old house) and lived in a variety of countries and cities (Australia, Berlin, Melbourne, Hobart) over the past few years but we tend to weather change together very well and I guess that is one of the things we really love about each other.”

The groom to be proposed quite unexpectedly, Tiffany remembering, “Jakob (bless him) comes from a culture where marriage is more of a tax dodge than a romantic notion so the first few times he asked me (yep, he’s asked a few times now) to marry him I guess I kind of felt he was doing it out of trying to fit into the Australian cultural climate than from any really personal place. He’d pop it out in the middle of conversation at the supermarket for example or just any time it crossed his mind. Then one night he came home from work (late as he still works in cocktail bars) and I was still up (breastfeeding a little one in the wee hours) with this epic speech about how I was ‘the one’ (cliche again, sorry) and that was when it dawned on me that all that time he had been very serious…”

Of their photographer, the bride to be notes, “Sweet Natured Photography was suggested by a friend and I had seen the results of an absolutely stunning shoot Madison had done for her and knew it was right on the mark for what we wanted. Jakob and I are both very much not organised, considered people and we both appreciate the honesty and transparent aesthetic of Madison’s work. It was a perfect reflection of us as a couple and our little growing family too and the images we have will always conjure such a special time in our lives in a way more curated studio photography just never could.”

  • Marita says:
    January 15, 2018 at 8:28 am

    Such a sweet shoot!



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