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Here at Polka Dot Bride, we like to get to the heart of our wedding vendors on our directory. They are on the front line of the wedding industry, they’re creative, and fawn over weddings and love just as much as myself and the Polka Dot Team. So, today we ask Amy Chan of Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry to share what a loving relationship means to her… 

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Being in a long term relationship/marriage means you need to learn to compromise and put your partner first. It’s normal to have differences, such as different upbringings and ethnic backgrounds, so you both need to learn to adapt. There is no point at pointing fingers if something goes wrong – majority of the time it’s just a big misunderstanding (though leaving the seat up is a big no no!). So talk it out if you can, and try to understand why things happened the way they did. Chances are you’ll get a better outcome, there’s less arguments in the long run and you’ll actually get a better and happier marriage!

I’m a big believer in doing things together, learning what your partner likes and dislike so you can better understand why they do things the way they do, instead of assuming. Assuming can lead to a big messy misunderstanding and endless fights that’s not worth fighting about in the first place.

Ms Zigzag says: Such heartfelt and meaningful words from Amy today. I especially like the advice about committing to doing things together- I think it’s important to share interests and share your days together! 

About the author Amy Chan Hair and Makeup: Sydney Bridal Hair and Makeup Amy Chan is Sydney’s leading Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist who is internationally published and widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. She has over 17 years experience in the Bridal and Fashion industry and has covered engagements nationally and internationally.


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