Hes & Styve’s Relaxed Centennial Parklands Engagement

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Hes & Styve

For me, the point of sharing engagement stories with you every week on these pages is to get back to the core of what it’s all about – pure, simple, love. Hes & Styve really brought it home this week, when along with photographer Translucent Photography, they celebrated their journey.

With ill health, this couple has had a rough ride, moving their wedding venue, and creating a different kind of wedding day. This shoot, that captures their engagement, along with the smiles of their sweet baby son, captures their sweet love story in its simple beauty.

Hes tells “Styve is one of the kindest people I know. He is also strong, sensitive, loving and funny. I love that I have found my soul mate in him.”

Hes tells of the parkland shoot. “The location is such a beautiful setting – it is one that is close to both our hearts. We wanted to capture ourselves simply being “us”. It was all very casual but has enabled us to have a collection of awesome images that really show who we are.”

“Quite early on in our relationship, we went snorkelling at Shelly Beach in Sydney. Styve waved for me to swim towards him because he wanted me to check out a groper he had seen” tells Hes. “I swam towards him but was then frozen in my tracks as I had just been stung by a blue bottle. I raised my arm in the air with the blue bottle still wrapped around my arm and screamed to Styve for help. Styve couldn’t swim away from me faster if he tried!!! To this day, he still swears that he “lost” his footing and was trying to steady himself in the water…while keeping an eye on the groper… I am not so convinced!”

“Another time, we were on our way to a ranch in the country for a horse riding expedition and had to go off-road to get there. We just about managed to get through a creek in our car that wasn’t exactly cut out for off-road, when we were confronted by a massive bull right in our path! Oh, and did I mention we were in a bright red car?! We were stared down by the bull and definitely held our breath for a good 5 minutes!!”

Styve tells of his love for Hes. “Hes is very caring and loving, and very affectionate. I love it when I give her a big hug and she hugs me back even tighter.”


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