Danielle & Robert’s Quiet Beach Engagement Shoot

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Danielle & Robert

Is there any better way to spend a quiet Saturday than a walk on the beach?  Danielle and Robert’s beautiful quiet beach engagement had no fuss, no props, no special details – because it was entirely focused on them. The way they relate to each other, the way they laugh together, the way they love each other. Each frame, captured beautifully by Translucent Photography captures every piece of that beauty and is something we are so happy to share.

Danielle and Robert first met at a school camp – and it was interest at first sight! Danielle reminsicing “Rob and I first met in year 6 at a combined school camp. We didn’t speak but he made eye contact with me and sent his sister and her friends over to tell me that he thinks I’m pretty. I brushed it off and let him down by basically saying it wasn’t going to happen. I was friends with his sister on Facebook and about 2 and a half years ago I started seeing his name appear on my suggested friend’s list and all over his sister’s Facebook. I remember thinking, oh wow I remember you from year 6! I ignored it for a while but his name kept coming up and I thought maybe it’s a sign, so I added him. I instantly got a message from him saying hi, I remember you! From there we started talking, hung out a few times and began dating on Valentine’s Day.”

These two have plenty of happy memories together, but their second camping trip really stands out. “Our second camping trip together – it was during winter so it was very cold. At 4 pm Rob wanted to take the kayak out on the water. I told him we could as long as we didn’t get wet as I knew my hair wouldn’t dry and I would be going to sleep with cold, wet hair on a freezing night. We took the kayak out and we’re having a lovely time. Rob then told me to paddle up to the bank as he needed to pee. We paddled over and hit the bank. I told Rob to make sure he got out of the kayak carefully so we didn’t fall in. Rob then began getting out, only to get his foot caught on something. He then fell over, capsizing the kayak forcing me to go head first into the water. Not only was I wringing wet and now going to freeze but my waterproof camera sunk to the bottom of the bank. We spent a good 10 minutes searching through the water finally finding my camera. We headed back to the tent, changed our clothes and prepared for a cold night ahead. Luckily we had a good laugh about it and have never forgotten this moment.”

On what she loves about her future husband, Danielle remarks “I loved everything about Rob from the first moment we hung out. He was so polite and courteous towards me which was a nice change. Rob and I are not only partners but we are best friends. We love spending time together and going on adventures. Rob and I challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves and push each other to achieve our goals. We can talk to each other about anything and communicate really well. Rob and I accept each other for who we are and love everything about each other.”

Robert proposed at Christmas time. “We were decorating our first Christmas tree in our new house. Rob knows my favourite time of the year is Christmas and how excited I get over decorating the tree. Rob put our GoPro on to capture the moment which I thought at the time was quite unusual. He first handed me the box that the ring came in so I instantly just thought I was getting a present. I started unwrapping the box only to see Rob then getting down on one knee to propose” remembers Danielle.


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