Broden & Lachlan’s Sweet Country Farm Engagement

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Broden & Lachlan

When Broden and Lachlan. were thinking about a location for their  sweet country farm engagement session with photographer Caroline Sada Photography, it seemed completely natural to choose the place where the bride had not only spent most of her childhood but had also been the spot where Lachlan asked for her hand in marriage. “The farm is something so special not only to myself but to Lachlan. The property was first purchased by my grandparents and is now run by my father. I spent all my life on this farm and was constantly out riding my horses, motorbikes or just exploring it. I loved being out there.

During the 1970-80s the property was a well-known amusement park/weekend hot spot for the public. The property had lakes for skiing, horse rides, a zoo, mini golf course, go-karts, paddle boats cabins and lodges for guests to stay (which was run by my grandparents).” The beautiful rolling hills, now the location for a new kind of happy memory as we share in their own love story. Broden noting ” As we knew it would be hard for us to return here to get photos on our wedding day we decided to get some of our engagement photos on the property. Some of our best times are spent there so the property is really important to us.”

On their love for each other, Broden remarks “We are both lighthearted and laid back people which allows us to work together in sync. We share the same lifetime goals, dreams and interests such as sport and family. We don’t take ourselves or each other too seriously and have shared many laughs together.”

It seems the pairing of these two, was always meant to be, their paths crossing many times during their lives. Broden explains “Our paths had crossed indirectly multiple times before actually meeting. Locky had won a medal which is in the name of my late uncle who passed away during a football game 5 or so years before we met. Our mothers both attended the same the same primary school and my father by chance found and rescued Locky’s father from a car accident years before we were both born!

But we finally met when we were both playing for Ballan football netball club. Locky was new to the club and had returned from South Australia to play and after both becoming recently single, Lachlan had asked some of the footballers to try and set us up. We went to the same birthday party where some of my football mates introduced us, Which in the end worked really well and we were soon inseparable!”

On what he loves about Broden, Lachlan tells “She is comfortable in any situation – and drinks beers and hangs around with my mates. Broden, is a beautiful person inside and out – and I will be proud to call her my wife.”

“We become engaged on ANZAC Day 2017,” tells Broden. “He knew where he wanted to propose to me, however, he was waiting for an opportunity for us to go there without it being suspicious. When I first met Lachlan, being a country girl I took him to my family farm which is over 1500 acres and has beautiful lakes, hills and bushland. I drove him to the very back of the farm on top of a hill and told him this was my favorite place in the world. Four years later, Lock had remembered that and wanted to propose to me on top of the hill, He went up to my dads a few days before and asked him for permission to marry me, which dad very happily said yes. Then on the day, he took me up to the top of the hill to look for foxes however he had turned around with our dog Bella in his hands wearing a little bow tie, and a ring on her paw he got down on one knee and proposed!”

“Locky is genuine and passionate and gives everything 110 percent,” tells Broden, on what she loves about Lachlan. “I knew from the moment I met him that he would be someone I could trust and rely on. Locky can do anything – he has his head screwed on the right way – and he knows where he is going in life.  And he makes me laugh – really laugh.”


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