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TWR’s Willard’s Julep
For a black tie wedding you want the best of the best. And that includes the drinks you’ll be toasting your new life with. TWR at Crown Towers Perth has just been named the Best Hotel Bar by the Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards. Their plush private lounge and airy terrace are suited to intimate cocktail-and-canapé-style weddings or engagement parties to impress your guests.
TWR has kindly shared the secrets to making their sophisticated, signature Willard’s Julep cocktail below. It’s quite a complex recipe so it’s great for perfecting on the sly at home and presenting to your whisky-loving belle or beau as a treat. Serving the drink in gleaming designer metallic barware adds an extra luxe touch that standard glassware may lack and using shiso in place of mint leaves to garnish ups the special points even further.

Willard’s Julep

60ml smoked bone marrow infused Bulleit Bourbon (simply use a smoky or bacon bourbon if you want to cheat)
5ml maple syrup
3 dashes Monin Salted Caramel
5-6 shiso leaves
Crushed ice
Matcha, to garnish

Add all ingredients to a glass, top up halfway with crushed ice then swizzle to combine. Add additional crushed ice to form a dome over the glass. Garnish with a shiso leaf and a dusting of matcha.

For the Smoked Bone Marrow Infused Bulleit Bourbon: 

Season 1kg of bone marrow with salt, pepper and brown butter. Render down the bone marrow in an oven at 180C for 2 hours. The fats will liquefy and collect at the bottom of the tray (this should yield roughly 180-200mls of bone marrow oil). Collect the oil and place in a container smoked with mesquite wood chips (TWR uses a PolyScience smoking gun for this). Once smoked, combine 15mls of the smoked bone marrow oil and 1 700ml bottle of Bulleit Bourbon in a separate container and leave to sit overnight. After 24 hours, place the bone marrow oil infused Bulleit Bourbon in a freezer for four hours to allow the fat to freeze. Strain through a cheesecloth and bottle.

About Crown Towers Perth TWR: With a lavish custom-designed environment, sophisticated atmosphere and exceptional cocktails served to perfection, TWR is the ultimate unparalleled social destination in Perth. From the moment you step in, you’ll receive attentive care from the impeccable bar staff. Discover unique sumptuous signature cocktails, become reacquainted with bar room classics, explore TWR’s extensive range of superior wines or the suite of local and imported premium beers.


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