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Ms Honeycomb
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Sweet treats are always a winner, especially during winter. These delicious s’more favours will delight all your friends and family! And even more so if there’s a flame to toast the mallows on! S’mores are a yummy U.S. and Canadian invention, consisting of a roasted marshmallow sandwiched between melty chocolate and sweet biscuits – making it the perfect mini gift for your guests.

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S’mores are beautifully simple to put together, but absolutely delicious and can be packaged to suit any style. You could even set up a s’mores bar with all the individual ingredients laid out! Just try and avoid eating one as you make them! I did not…

What You Will Need:

  • Graham crackers – the best alternative here in Australia, I am told with good authority, is the tasty Digestive Biscuit. You can get these with a chocolate top, if you want to add an extra layer of deliciousness to your gift!
  • Marshmallows – you can find ‘giant roasters’ in most supermarkets
  • Chocolate pieces – Cadbury ‘Furry Friends’ are an excellent shape
  • Twine
  • Waxed or tissue paper
  • Boxes for presentation
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Step 1. Putting together these s’more favours is a quick job, but made a lot more fun when it’s done with your pals! Lay out the cookies and add one marshmallow with one piece of chocolate (either a larger piece to be broken in half or two smaller pieces).

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Step 2. Once you’ve gathered the ingredients together, tie with twine. If you’re making in advance, store these in an airtight container, being aware the mallow can make the biscuit slightly soft. Otherwise, wrap in some waxed paper and place each one into a presentation box, or wrap in a sweet cellophane bag. 

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If you’re planning a campfire (or similar) at your reception, a great idea is to set up a beautifully styled table with kits, extra dipping delights (like brown sugar), instructions and the perfect mallow toasting twigs. S’mores will make a delicious gift for all of your lovely guests!

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Ms Zebra Says: YUM! I love s’mores by the fire – but especially love the idea of a DIY S’more station at a wedding, engagement party or hen’s in winter! What a fabulous idea!

About Ms Honeycomb  – Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).


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