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Image via Mondial

Image via Mondial

When it comes to wedding bands, grooms are spoilt for choice these days. And no, I’m not talking the type of band which bashes out Darryl Braithwaite’s Horses at 11.59pm. I’m talking the bands which go around your finger. I recently caught up with award-winning Australian designer, Nadia Neuman – creative director at Mondial, to discuss the future of men’s wedding bands and to find out exactly what’s “hot” in the ring game right now.

“I think men are ever-evolving and whilst Australian men are still generally conservative with their ring selections, I do feel increased influence from Europe and America will encourage men to embrace jewellery that is personal and unique – and embrace custom design beyond just their wedding band selections,” Nadia says.

Bring it on, I say.

Nadia Neuman. Image via Mondial

Nadia Neuman. Image via Mondial

Nadia notes that men weren’t always inclined to step away from the norm.

“Men want their wedding band to make a statement and reflect who they are, more now than they ever have in the past,” Nadia tells me. “There is more consideration taken with regards to style and texture and how this translates into either a bold or classic band, with a mix of metals or unique details such as gemstones or engraving. The priority is to ensure a very sentimental and personal connection exists to their partner and what the band ultimately symbolises.”

Nadia’s designs embody her passion for exquisite gems, boldness and meaning. She has won numerous Jewellery Design awards from prestigious national and international bodies, including the Fancy Fancy Award at the Harper’s BAZAAR Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards.

“My family has always been in the jewellery industry and therefore I grew up being surrounded by beautiful jewels. This inspired my love and passion for natural coloured gemstones and their individual uniqueness, which l incorporate into my contemporary designs.”

She says there has been a correlation between men embracing bolder fashion choices and men embracing more elaborate wedding bands.

“More men are choosing clothing and accessories as a reflection of themselves and their personality, more so than they have done in the past. They are also choosing their wedding bands to reflect their own sense of style as the piece is to be worn every day. We’ve found more and more customers want to be involved in the creative process.”

It’s a daunting process choosing your wedding band, especially given the range of options, but Nadia says there are always two things most men are looking for in a contemporary wedding band: style and uniqueness.

“This can be achieved through the use of various metals, textures, widths, shapes, and engravings. We are often asked to include gemstones and more recently there is an increase in requests to incorporate heirloom items as either part of the design or to include design elements from these pieces which increases the sentimentality.”

There is a definite trend in recent years, Nadia says. Grooms are becoming more adventurous. Platinum is becoming a popular choice of metal as it is a durable alternative to others, yet elegant and sleek at the same time. Diamonds are also becoming a popular inclusion for men, Nadia says, with bold black diamonds high on the list. Rose gold bands and “chunkier” pieces are also on the rise.

“The classic rose gold ring is timeless and elegant and represents more of the symbolism and meaning behind marriage,” Nadia says. “The chunkier ring makes a bolder statement and verges on being a ‘piece’ rather than a romantic symbol. Men are becoming more considered in their jewellery selection and love to see true meaning behind pieces created or selected.”

Nadia’s top on-trend men’s wedding bands


Diamond wedding bands. Image via Mondial

Diamond wedding bands. Image via Mondial

These bands are classic and simple, with streamlined channel set diamonds for extra sophistication for men who are looking for simplicity in design, but want to introduce an element that is both special and timeless.


Gemstone wedding bands. Image via Mondial

Gemstone wedding bands. Image via Mondial

This is definitely a gentlemen’s ring with a lot of style. These rings are extremely flattering on, and although they feature gemstones, are very masculine in shape and form. Men who want to wear their wedding ring as a ‘piece’ usually love this ring and what’s great about it is that we can mix all elements up so that it can be set with either one single stone or stones along all sides.


Patterned wedding bands. Image via Mondial

Patterned wedding bands. Image via Mondial

Hand engraved rings make a wedding band very personal and unique. Hand engraving is a dying art and I can confidently say we have one of the best engravers in Australia.


Black wedding bands. Image via Mondial

Black wedding bands. Image via Mondial

The current trend towards black, gun metal grey and textured rings contrasted against rose, white and yellow gold means that our zirconium rings have been incredibly popular and are both unique and stylish.

Ms Zebra Says: There’s always so much emphasis on the Bride’s ring(s).. so nice to hear that there’s options & men are now taking time to be individual with their rings too! Great work Nadia!

Find out more about Nadia and her designs at Mondial




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