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The Yes Girls

Photography by Rob Bye via Unsplash

After planning thousands of marriage proposals, we have come to the conclusion that there truly may not be a more magical place to propose than New York City. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps, or maybe it’s the way that the city turns into pure magic around the holidays- either way, we’re feeling the love! The key to proposing in NYC is all about location, details, and choosing the perfect moment, and we’ve gathered our ten years of expertise to help you plan the ultimate NYC proposal!

Proposal Planning: The Yes Girls. Location: Top of The Rock. Photography: Sam Bufalo Photography.

This gorgeous, romantic setting at Top of The Rock is perfect for intimate moments such as a proposal.

Location, Location, Location!

When proposing in New York City, it’s important to find a place that embodies the spirit of the city.  There are endless options to choose from, whether it’s a rooftop, Central Park, or a lot with amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge. In our experience, renting a rooftop or a room with a gorgeous balcony tends to be more romantic and private than say, Time Square, but some women may PREFER a large-scale, public proposal. If you know that’s the case, then by all means, go for it!

Proposal planning: The Yes Girls. Location: The Plaza Hotel. Photography: Danielle Elizabeth Inc.

This “Sex and the City” themed proposal took place in a NY hotel, and was filled with flirty details… perfect for the SATC lover!

Romance is in the Details

After you’ve decided on your location, it’s time to find the perfect little something that will show how much you truly value the uniqueness of your relationship. Many of our clients opt for hand-painted signs with inside jokes, song lyrics to the song they first danced to, etc.  For other clients, we take items like clocks (because she stops time) or string lights (because she lights up every room she walks into) and we create a literal representation of her special qualities. We recommend personal décor 100% of the time over rose petals and candles, simply because when she walks into the space, she knows that you poured your soul into the proposal rather than hiring room service for a generic set up.

Proposal planning: The Yes Girls. Photography: Susan Shek Photography.

The “Lead Up” to a proposal can be the best part!  Spending a few minutes in the space before popping the question can create the perfect atmosphere for a proposal!

The Perfect Time to Pop the Question

Sure, a spontaneous proposal is great, but a thoughtful, well-planned proposal is that much more romantic.  Has anyone ever told a joke and the timing just seemed… awkward?  If you’re not careful with your timing, this can happen with your proposal, too.  To avoid this situation, start setting the mood a few hours before you propose… talk about your future, show a little more PDA than usual, and keep controversial subjects at bay. Once the love-bug has struck and you are able to sneak away to your chosen location (that you will have chosen long before that day) you can get down on one knee, pull the ring from your Box Sock (a pocket sock that hides your engagement ring box), and propose!


About the author The Yes Girls: Planning a proposal can be hard work, especially in a city other than your own. But no worries… that’s where The Yes Girls come in! We create every proposal idea from scratch (rather than using a stock-pile list of ideas) and we never use the same idea twice!  Better yet, once you choose your favorite idea, we can coordinate the entire proposal from start to finish, so that you just have to show up and get down on one knee.  That’s right… we can help find the perfect location, plan details that highlight your relationship, as well as create a timeline to help the entire day go smoothly.

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