Ten Favourite Fun Proposals

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What better time to round up our favourite proposals than The Proposal issue? We are diving into our favourite fun proposals today. We have so much admiration for the ingenious ways these partners chose to propose that will leave you shaking your head and smiling from ear to ear!

The 365 Days Proposal

This proposal is an old favourite of mine and such a fun idea. A groom to take 365 days to propose and he recorded every single second.

Youtube/Dean Smith


The Car Karaoke Proposal

Singing along in the car has to be the best thing ever, and this session of carpool karaoke has the amazing unexpected twist.



The Acapella Proposal

When you’re called on stage and don’t suspect a thing, but it’s all in perfect harmony! I love the hilarious sing-along style of this fun proposal.



The Right In Front Of You Proposal

When something catches your eye, this bride to be proves that it pays to look a little closer.

Youtube/Derrick Pelliter


The Sing-Along Proposal

Who says one has to stay still when getting the surprise of their life? This lip dub proposal is an old favourite!

Youtube/Bradley Productions


The Love Is Little Proposal

Work is work, but sometimes, when you work with tiny tots work can turn into the most wonderful day you’ve ever had.



The Just Guess! Proposal

I’ve said it before – at home, low key proposals have a special place in my heart and this one turned games night into something rather special.

Youtube/Pamela Garcia


The Multiple Mickeys Proposal

I had to include this one as a nod to our Aussie heritage, because when else can you take over a street with multiple Mickey Mouse costumes?



The Dinner For Two Proposal

When you think you’re going out for dinner and it the entire restaurant has a surprise for you Well, it can only mean one thing!



The Your Favourite Show Proposal

When you manage to get the cast of your future fiancee’s TV show on board to help you propose, it can only end in magic.

Youtube/Matt Hulbert



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