6 Picture Perfect Bridal Styles for Your Special Day

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Jessica Chen

Image via Grace Loves Lace

With the advent of the internet and sites like Pinterest, inspiration for your big day is everywhere. Since there are so many choices readily available, you may find it difficult to select the perfect wedding dress style that is a reflection of your own distinctive personality.

If you need help figuring out which bridal style best suits you, take a look at our guide:

Bohemian Chic

Are you laid back in your everyday life? A bohemian wedding dress often features beautiful lace panels or hemlines that give the whole look a relaxed, but also ultra-feminine feeling. Since it’s one of the more informal styles, a look like this is a great choice for women who don’t want their nuptials to be an uptight occasion, and want to infuse a little bit of fun and free spirit into their ceremonies.

Personal Favorite

  • Grace Loves Lace – The handmade, high quality lace designs of Grace Loves Lace are effortlessly gorgeous and the epitome of boho chic.

Other Collections

Image via Anna Campbell – Alyssa Dress, Eternal Hearts Collection

Old Hollywood Glam

Do retro styles and lavish designs appeal to you? If you’re a fan of the silver screen icons of a bygone era, this is the category for you! An old Hollywood wedding dress can run the gamut of fashion trends throughout time, and the classic luxury and extravagance on display is sure to impress. To make sure it fits in with the other elements of your nuptials, just ensure that everything is reminiscent of the same time period.

Personal Favorite

  • Anna Campbell – The luxurious beading and detailed embellishments of Anna Campbell’s Eternal Hearts collection really makes these dazzling gowns stand out from the rest.

Other Collections

Image via  Muse by Berta

Sexy Elegance

If you want to dial up the sensuality in a tasteful way on your big day, choose a dress in this category! Sexy and elegant wedding dresses are true celebrations of the female form, teasing curves and skin with deep V’s, artistic cutouts, backless gowns, and thigh-high leg slits. If you’re worried about going too far, your best bet is to ask for opinions from a group of friends that you trust. But in the end, it’s your wedding! So you get the final word. Pro tip: To avoid potential humiliation from wardrobe malfunctions, have plenty of fashion tape on hand to keep your bits hidden in the event of disaster.

Personal Favorite

  • Muse by Berta – Despite the translucent materials, deep V’s, and stunning leg slits, Muse’s 2018 collection doesn’t look the least bit trashy. Instead, the gowns are drop-dead gorgeous and show off your assets in a dignified way.

Other Collections

Fairytale Princess

Ever dreamed of having a fairytale wedding? These are the styles with the full ball gown skirts and lots of tulle. A romantic look, princess wedding dresses are perfect for the idealist in you who wants to be treated like royalty on her special day. Women who choose this style tend to have a go big or go home mentality when it comes to their nuptials and aren’t afraid to embrace big veils and lots of ruffles and embellishments.

Personal Favorite

  • Maggie Sottero – The super feminine silhouettes and ornate details of Maggie Sottero’s Platinum collection are sure to make you feel like a princess. An added plus is the collection’s inclusion of designs for plus-size ladies as well.

Other Collections

Image via Cortana

Minimalist Modern

If you’re a no-frills type, this is the style for you! With clear-cut designs and very little embellishments, these modern wedding dresses look simultaneously current yet timeless in an unpretentious way. Often cutting a stark silhouette, this look can include such variety as simple slip dresses to sleek pantsuits to sheath frocks perfectly tapered to your figure. Brides who choose minimalist wedding dresses are often looking to appear classy for their nuptials and have a no fuss approach to life.

Personal Favorite

  • Charlotte Simpson – Charlotte Simpson is a designer known for her minimalist approach to bridal couture. Despite the lack of ornamentation, her creations never look boring and are excellent examples of a more subdued beauty.

Other Collections

Ethereal Goddess

Want to float your way down the aisle? This category is for the bride who has always dreamed of dressing up like a fairy princess or forest nymph. With gowns often adorned with floral or plant-like designs, this super feminine and graceful style includes flowing skirts and slightly see-through elements that provide a sense of delicate airiness or weightlessness. This look would be perfect for a wedding that’s close to nature, such as one held in the woods or in a greenhouse.

Personal Favorite

  • Berta – The alluring patterns and silhouettes of Berta’s 2018 collection would leave anyone breathless and feeling like a goddess.  

Other Collections

Every woman has her own sartorial proclivities that allow her to shine with her own unique light. Hopefully, with this helpful guide, you’ll be able to pick a bridal style that suits you to a tee and is an expression of your best self on your special day.

Ms Zebra Says: I wouldn’t even know where to start, so a big thank you to Jessica for laying out options – and where to find these gorgeous dresses! Happy hunting ladies!

About Jessica Chen: Jessica is a wedding enthusiast, writer, and editor at WeddingDresses.com. A romantic at heart, she enjoys binge-watching The Mindy Project when she’s not pouring over fun ideas that she can use for her own wedding someday.



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