Claudia & Marvin’s Sweet Melbourne Engagement

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Claudia & Marvin

I love the idea of venturing to your favourite places for your engagement photos, and for Claudia and Marvin, there seemed to be no better way to celebrate their next step than by exploring Victoria – the pair taking to the National Gallery of Victoria, State Library, Abbotsford Convent, Collingwood Children’s Farm, Olinda, Sun Theatre Yarraville, City Tram, the Grampians, St Kilda Pier and even Melbourne University. it was a three-day lovefest for these two as they explored with photographer  Rachel May Photography.

And of course, with Melbourne University being on their list of destinations, we needed to find out why! Turns it it’s where Claudia and Marvin met. Claudia remembers for us. “Marv has decided to skive his lecture and sneaked into the lecture room next door, and there he went, choosing a seat right next to me. We met a week  later at a brunch place where my best friend introduced us,  I  already thought he looked pretty cute like a goofball.” The pair began dating, living through three years of a long distance relationship before Marvin packed  everything in his hometown of Penang to move and join Claudia in Hong Kong to be with the love of his life. it was here he asked the big question!

Claudia explaining “Marv had ended the long distance relationship by moving from Malaysia to Hong Kong to find a job. Not an easy decision as he had to learn a whole new language to get by. Things eventually fell into place and he decided that we should move on to a new stage together. He used my father’s birthday as an excuse and brought everyone together, flew in some of our friends from overseas to witness the moment with us. He even customised the restaurant’s menu into our own love story and favourite memories together, then finally popped the question! The first thing I asked was… “But can we have 6 babies?”

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the pair, Marvin noting “During our three years long distance relationship, I counted that Claud has broken up with me for 41 times. I guess, the fact that we are still happily married together now is pretty funny.”

On what they love about one another Claudia tells “We are both very weird – I think it is our funny and silly comments on everything that sparks up our daily lives and we can communicate through a single glance and we will know exactly what/who we are laughing at.”

The lovebirds tell “We both share strong family values and hold our family and friends very close to our hearts. Marv loves Claud’s energetic, outgoing, and animated personality and all the little and big things she does just to brighten his day. Claud loves Marv’s kind and thoughtful nature, the fact that he will do absolutely anything to make her happy, and appreciates the calming presence Marv brings into her life.”

The University of Melbourne was a particularly special choice of shoot location for these two, Claudia explains “We met during university in Melbourne and this is the place where most of the best memories in our lives have taken place! We are shaped by our experiences, and the things we did and the people we met in this city will be forever in our hearts. We wanted natural, genuine and raw moments to document our time”


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