A Heavenly Tropical Wedding is a Dream Come True at Trisara

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Ms Fleur De Lys

A wedding at Trisara in Phuket smells like Thai jasmine, sounds like chirping frogs, tastes like the ocean and looks like exotic blooms, lush greenery and abundant forms of water as far as the eye can see. And it feels like an otherworldly paradise.

Set by the Andaman sea among acres upon acres of jungle gardens, Trisara hosts weddings as a holistic, start-to-end, encapsulated experience. From pre wedding day prep to ceremony, reception and honeymoon, you don’t actually need to leave the resort’s grounds to experience a luxurious elopement or premium tropical destination wedding.

Are you ready?
Envision what your wedding might look like in 3D with Trisara’s Virtual Reality headsets. You can explore digital wedding set ups overlaid over the venue before the day. You can also have your own day captured in virtual reality to share with loved ones who might not be able to make it or as a unique lasting memory.

Before you take your vows, you can get centred with a peaceful private yoga experience by the shady shoreline for just yourself or you and your partner. If that’s still too strenuous the on-site Jara Spa will immerse you in full relaxation mode. Their treatments are inspired by nature, specifically wisdom derived from the ancient Ficus tree at the spa. We’d advise avoiding the traditional Thai massage on the day (as it’s quite a workout!) Instead, consider a signature six hands massage – yep, that’s three therapists at once – or the six hour long Jara Pamper offering which includes chocolate and Champagne. That’s our kind of therapy! Jara also does your hair and makeup for the wedding day; they’re experts at taming unruly tresses contending with humidity and non-melting makeup. By the way, Jara Spa’s organic, at-home treatment products would make fitting gifts for your bridal party or as guest’s bonbonniere.

That One Day
Trisara’s digital studio DDEN can capture your day via photography and videography. Being an in-house service, they have intimate knowledge of the best spots and lighting around the resort grounds to make you both glow.

There are many choices as to where to have your wedding ceremony at Trisara. You can get hitched right on the beach for a true boho vibe. Or stroll down a manicured jungle ‘aisle’ to sunset point. It’s a little nook where the garden overlooks the ocean and the overarching trees can be strung with florals and lights. The main deck, dotted with palms trees and backed by serene, lily pad-strewn water features, can host larger ceremonies. Of course, you could opt for the ultimate in wedding luxury; having your ceremony and reception in a grand private residence!

Some of Trisara’s residents offer up their spaces for exclusive special events. In some cases, we’re talking multi-bedroom, multi-level, even multi-pool residences. A wedding like this is indulgent and unforgettable. The residences have their own style; which one you choose depends on whether you wish to feel like a movie star, a rock star or royalty on your wedding day (indeed people like Kate Moss, Maroon 5, Mick Jagger and Kylie Minogue have stayed here). Your reception could involve poolside cocktails and canapés or a sit down dinner via a gourmet Thai barbeque accented with a fading pastel sunset. Trisara has its own farm for produce, so you can trust your feast will be a sublime offering of paddock-to-plate dining, just caught seafood and local spice.

Local Flavour
You’ve chosen to get married in Thailand for a reason. So why not incorporate some unique local aspects to your day? Trisara can arrange for Thai dance performance, music or fire dancing for an impactful welcome moment or reception entertainment. Adding a Thai water blessing to your ceremony would be a lovely touch. Derived from Buddhist traditions, holy water is poured from conch shells onto the bridal couple’s hands to signify happiness and prosperity. One of our favourite ideas is a sky lantern ceremony. Symbolic paper lanterns are lit up and float up into the air from the beach to represent good luck and good wishes. It looks dreamy!

The Honeymoon Starts Now
Aside from the resort’s stunning villas and suites, the private residences can sometimes also be booked for bridal party accommodation or group “buddymoons”. The palatial surrounds might offer your own cinema, pool room or bar. They all have sprawling sea views, divine pools, cooks, housekeepers and ultimate privacy. Honestly, the best part of having your entire wedding in one place like Trisara is that, as soon as the wedding is done, the honeymoon literally begins!

Take a peek at our Instagram highlight for an inside look. Photography courtesy Trisara, DDEN & Andrew Maccoll.

Ms Zebra Says: WOW! This place looks absolutely incredible! Can I book to head there tomorrow?!

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