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Bec Lawrence

Image via Jayne & Will’s Autumnal Abbotsford Convent Wedding. Photography by Mark Davis Photography.

We are in the midst of autumn and can’t help falling in love with all of the beautiful colours in the trees and the crisp breeze letting us know winter is soon upon us. It’s autumn across half of the world right now and is the perfect time to set off for your honeymoon. On that note, today we are looking at fall festivals around the world, some that you might be able to enjoy on your time abroad.

Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Taiwan and Vietnam

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the mid-autumn festival will this year fall from the 13th-15th of September. Every year the date of the festival will change depending on the lunar calendar, but you can always count on it being in either September or October. You might have also heard of the celebration being referred to as the Moon Festival due to the moon being the brightest and roundest during this time of the year.

What’s it all about?

This festival is a celebration of family and friends and paying tribute to those who may not live close by. It is custom to share and eat moon cakes which traditionally were filled with lotus seed paste but now you will find them in a variety of flavours some of which are even filled with ice-cream. The symbolism behind the moon cake is in its round shape which represents reuniting loved ones.

National Apple Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania, USA

Currently in its 55th year is the National Apple Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania, USA. The festival is held annually in the first two weekends of October with attractions including live music, food, crafts, antique cars, steam engine displays, crafts demonstrations and more!

The festival is a huge celebration attracting approximately 25,000 people a day so make sure you get your tickets in advance to skip the lines!

Image via National Apple Harvest Festival.

What’s it about?

The festival is of course a celebration of the fruit harvesting season, with almost all profits going back in to the local community.

Image via National Apple Harvest Festival.

Our Local Celebrations

There’s much to celebrate locally as well if you are opting for a honeymoon spent in our own beautiful country.

Here are some of our top picks for autumn events around the nation:

Sydney Vivid Festival – Showcasing some incredible light displays across some of our most famous landmarks.

Canberra Enlighten Festival – Similar to Vivid, Canberra has it’s own lightshow during early autumn which includes a food festival, artistic performances and an outdoor cinema presentation of locally made films (Lights, Canberra Action!). And, to add to it all, the Canberra Balloon Festival is also on at the same time.

Image via @beclawrence here

Adelaide Festival – Celebrating talent in theatre production, dance, music, writing and visual arts. You can catch all the action from 1st-17th March.

There’s plenty more events across Australia and globally to grab your attention. Make sure you do a little research before setting off for your honeymoon so all your plans are in place and you wont need to worry about the small details.

Ms Zebra Says: Festivals can be such a great way to immerse yourselves into another place, culture and community! As our travel writer Bec Lawrence has described, it’s definitely worth seeing if your honeymoon destination can include a visit to a local festival.

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    Hey Bec, Loved your post, I was searching for some good honeymoon destination for my brother and SIL to be. Both are equally adventure lovers and this seems to be a wonderful destination. September is just two weeks away from his wedding 🙂



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