Modern Bouquet Shapes for the Contemporary Bride

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Bouquet designed by Rose and Bud. Image thanks to Kate Drennan Photography

Bridal bouquets to your wedding flowers are like Professor Xavier to the X-men. The leading commander who ties together an impressive troupe of heroes across the Marvel Universe. And for those of you willing to indulge this analogy a while longer, Spiderman is a hanging installation (for obvious reasons), and Deadpool is anything by the bar, because boys are gonna get boozy!

While fighting crime and saving civilisation is not exactly in a florist’s job description, (depending on who you ask of course) the leading hallmark hero created for your big day, bringing together all your floral pieces in perfect complementary fashion, is undoubtedly the bridal bouquet. It is the floral item you will see first, the one you will look at most, and the most photographed floral article in your wedding album.

In my 9 years as a wedding florist with Fox and Rabbit, I have personally created more than 1,300 bridal bouquets. And with each passing wedding season, it becomes more apparent that today’s modern wedding climate is less about following what has already been done, and more about creating something personalised and unique. However, a quick google search of ‘bouquet shapes’ can leave any contemporary bride disappointed.

Pageant. Scepter. Composite. Biedermeier. Pomander… What on earth is a nosegay?

(Which, by the way, is traditionally bound with a doily… Perfect for your spring wedding, in 1935.)

In the name of present day, I have compiled some of my favourite modern bouquet shapes for the contemporary bride below. Each item was designed and crafted by an incredible Perth based florist, whom I admire. There’s a lot of soul and creative gusto exploding from our sunny city, and it’s certainly something to shout about!


This is the shape I usually design to and have refined over the last 5 years to become the hallmark Fox and Rabbit shape. The bouquet is built with the middle area sunken lower into the bouquet, and both sides emerge higher, resulting in a loose love heart shape.

Bouquet designed by Fox and Rabbit. Image thanks to Sarah Tonkin.


Flowing, dripping, trailing – there are many delicious verbs used to describe a downward cascading bouquet design. This shape is perfect for something a little *extra* (make that a lot extra).

Bouquet designed by Rose and Bud. Image thanks to Samantha Simone Photography.


For that boho loving bride who wants her whimsy left of centre.

Bouquet designed by Botanica Naturalis. Image thanks to Peggy Saas.


This wrap design of en masse gypsophila (baby’s breath) is a perfect pairing of elegance and bold composition.

Bouquets designed by The Wildflower Perth. Image thanks to Dan O’Day Photography.


The sheath or presentation shape is built to be carried while draping over the arm. Almost as if cradling a baby!

Bouquet designed by Botanica Naturalis. Image thanks to Jenna Mason Photography.


Simple, polished and graceful. An en masse bouquet, with all of the traditional charm, becomes instantly modern-luxe when left long stemmed.

Bouquet designed by Sir Botanical. Image thanks to The Day Weddings.

I designed this bridal sash for our bride Erin, who wanted something fiercely original and deeply personal. A modern take on the traditional Scottish bridal sash. Sometimes your bouquet need not be a bouquet at all!

Sash designed by Fox and Rabbit. Images thanks to Natasja Kremers.

Whatever your bridal bouquet design of choice, remember, like me, your florist has likely made hundreds of bouquets across his or her lifetime. So whether you have a clear idea, or feel like you’re drowning in a sea of Pinterest petals, your florist is there to guide you, surprise and delight you. We possess the knowledge to create a whole range of floral options you may never have known existed. So choose a florist you align with, both in style and personality, and then trust them with your design and magic will follow.

Ms Zebra Says: Thank you for sharing your intricate knowledge of bouquet design! I would have NO clue where to start!! There are so many beautiful styles, that having trust in your florist to create something spectacular is a must!

About Fox and Rabbit: Team Fox and Rabbit has been delivering premium, fresh flowers in our signature unstructured, unkempt and unpolished style, across Western Australia since 2010. By day we create one-of-a kind arrangements from our flagship store, located within the stunning State Buildings, Perth. By night our large scale floral installations can be found across events and weddings, from ballrooms to backyards. Find out more here.


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